REAL Faith

We want you to grow your love deeper for Jesus Christ, developing a personal and a biblical faith. Our beautiful lakeside campus provides the perfect context for reflection and transformation. As our whole community journeys, prays, learns and worships together, God will work within and among us to draw us closer to himself.

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REAL Learning

We expect you to think for yourself. You’ll be learning from highly qualified, Christian professors who are active professionals in their fields. We believe that through your experience here, you will understand and interpret Scripture rightly, develop an explicitly biblical worldview and be well-equipped for your career.

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Students at Oak Hills are involved in real service and ministry every week, lead worship in our Community Life Hour, and participate with faculty and staff in intramural/small-group activities. Students provide counsel to the college president and deans through leadership programs and have the option to work on campus to develop real-world job skills.

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Oak Hills is a place where you can transform by growing in faith and worship. We’ll help you understand the bible and the world we live in... providing you with the foundation for a lifetime of continued learning and growth in all areas of life.


True knowledge and wisdom can only be gained when learning is rooted in a biblical worldview. OHCC students are challenged and encouraged to learn what God has to say about the world, humanity, and service.

Alex S

"Oak Hills Christian College effectively equips saints for ministry and personal ministries in other occupations."

Melissa D

"Oak Hills Christian College has an encouraging environment that will strengthen your faith and prepare you for life!"

Shania R

"The staff really care for the students. I don't believe that most college students know the President of the college, let alone get to go to his house for cookies."

Brad S

"Oak Hills Christian College Leadership and Ministry Online was the perfect fit for me. Oak Hills Online helped me reach my educational goals in just over a year."