Assisted Learning Program

The Assisted Learning Program (ALP) at Oak Hills is designed to help students who are entering on conditional status, who are on academic probation, as well as those with documented disabilities. The ALP program provides help such as special advising, tutoring, study groups, and study aids in assisting students to succeed academically. The student is expected to sign an ALP contract and agree to participate in an individualized program of assistance. Normally such a program will include, but is not limited to, meeting weekly with a faculty advisor and the monitoring of class attendance, performance and study habits. Additional requirements may be added if deemed helpful to the student.

Disability Services are provided to students with disabilities under the Assisted Learning Program according to the provisions and guidelines provided in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). When seeking accommodations the student must provide documentation of disabilities. Accommodations will be determined on an individual basis according to need, as determined by student interviews and professional recommendations included in the documentation.

Jenny Hodgson, Assisted Learning Program Director (218 or 888) 751-8670, ext. 1269