Camp Ministry Course List


Old Testament

Old Testament History and Literature I (BOT 1000)  3 credits
Study of the chronological unfolding of the Old Testament from Genesis through the book of Judges. The poetic books will also be examined. Emphasis will be given to the relationship between the biblical text and its historical, social, and cultural setting.

Old Testament History and Literature II (BOT 1001)  3 credits
Study of the chronological unfolding of the Old Testament from the time of Samuel through the Post-Exilic era. The prophetic books will also be examined. Emphasis will be given to the relationship between the biblical text and its historical, social, and cultural setting.  

Old Testament Electives  7 credits (3 upper division)

New Testament

New Testament History and Literature (BNT 1000)  3 credits
Overview of the New Testament giving special attention to the history, background, content, and main message of the individual New Testament books and the New Testament as a whole.

Synoptic Gospels (BNT 3008)  3 credits
Comparison of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, emphasizing Christ’s earthly mission. Attention given to the social, cultural, and political background of these books.

New Testament Electives  3 credits

Biblical Studies Approach

Interpretation of Biblical Literature (BSA 1002)  3 credits
Introduction to the principles of biblical interpretation in order to better understand the Bible. Emphasis placed on the application of these principles.

Advanced Hermeneutics (BSA 3019)  3 credits
Study of various interpretive issues including the canon, translation issues, text criticism, and contemporary methods of interpretation.

Bible Electives

Bible Electives  3 credits (upper division)


Christian Faith (TH 2005)  4 credits
An introduction to the main people, events, and theological positions of the Christian Tradition. Contents will focus on the doctrine of the Bible, God, humankind, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Church, and the last days.

Contemporary Issues in American Society (TH 2222)  2 credits
This class will examine topics in American society which are currently under debate, such as homosexuality and the origins of the universe. The course will examine these topics by looking at the various positions evidenced in current American society. These positions will then be examined in relation to the biblical text.

Biblical Theology (TH 4005)  3 credits
Study of the major biblical themes in the Old and New Testaments including the kingdom of God, covenants, temple, law, and people of God. Designed to be taken in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree program.

General Education


College Writing I (ENG 1000) 3 credits
Prerequisite: acceptable placement score or ENG-0099
Emphasis on improving skills and effectiveness in written communication through critical reading of diverse literary genres and extensive writing. Course deals with developing authorial voice and adapting that voice to academic audiences.

College Writing II (ENG 1001)  3 credits
Continued emphasis on composition with concentration on critical and creative thinking. Includes use of sources, research methods, and preparation of college-level research papers.

Communications Elective  2 credits


Freshman Seminar (HUM 1002)  1 credit
Introduction of collegiate level study skills and other disciplines necessary for success at the undergraduate level. Includes an overview of the philosophy and community dynamics which defines the OHCC experience.

Worldviews (HUM 2007)  3 credits
Examination of the theoretical and practical expressions of various worldviews. Designed to help students realize that all thinking and writing has a starting point in a world view.

Humanities Elective  2 credits

Assessment - Camp Ministry  0 credits

Social Science

World History (HI 2003)  3 credits
A study of the ancient Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European roots of modern Western civilization through the Renaissance/Reformation era.

Church History I (HI 3150)  3 credits
Prerequisite: HI 2003

Study of the history of the Christian church from its founding to the pres - ent. Special emphasis on the people, events, and doctrinal controversies significant in the growth of Christianity. Includes exploration of the inter - play of Christianity with politics, the great church councils, the crises that emerge, divisions and alliances, and confluence of forces that determine the complexity of the Christian church today.


Science/Math Elective   3 credits


General Education Electives  13 credits

Christian Ministry

Spiritual Formation I (CM 1001) 3 credits
Course focuses on developing a Christ-centered life and awareness of ministry avenues. Special emphases on spiritual gifts, missions, and submitting each area of life to God.

Spiritual Formation II (CM 1002)  3 credits
Course introduces the basic concepts and skills needed for evangelism and discipleship. Emphases include understanding the world around us while communicating one’s faith, exploring one’s role as a disciple, and effective ways to disciple other followers of Christ.

Teaching in Ministry (CM 2009)  3 credits
Practical survey of the skills needed and resources available for teaching in children, youth, or adult ministries.

Student Outreach (CM 1200, 2200, 3200)  6 credits
Includes weekly volunteer experiences under the direction of the Student Outreach Director. Ministry areas include evangelism, discipleship, and social concern. Students’ experiences are facilitated by qualified supervisors who provide accountability and feedback. Outreach must complement the student’s major during the junior year.

Camp Ministry (at Camp Forest Springs)

Camp Administration (CA 3000)  5 credits
Study of the administrative structure and principles for camping leadership from a biblical perspective. Covers issues such as finance/business procedures, legislation/legal matters, insurance/personnel management, long-range planning, site selection/development, facilities/equipment.

Camp Maintenance (CA 3001)  3 credits
Course provides theoretical and practical approaches to maintenance of grounds, equipment, and facilities. Topics include maintenance schedules, priority of the program, service and public image, record systems, inventory, special projects, and standards of excellence.

Promotion/Public Relations (CA 3002)  3 credits
Study of methods and techniques of publicity used to gather a constituency and/or keep it informed. Topics include publications, types of printing, layout and design, media presentations, public image, personal contact, and mailings.

Food Service Management (CA 3003)  3 credits
Course provides experiential and classroom exposure to menu planning, nutrition, food purchasing, preparation of food, systems of serving, sanitation, budgeting, cost controls, standards, and supervision of personnel.

Camp Counseling (CA 3004)  3 credits
Includes preparing counselors, counseling skills and techniques, scriptural support, areas of counseling need, spiritual perspectives, camper characteristics, role playing, and individual conferences. (Two hours for married students.)

Camp Organization (CA 3005)  6 credits
Course focuses on development of operating philosophy and organizational system. Includes camper/staff organization and program supervisory techniques. Students present a model of camp organization. Also includes a review of camping and its accrediting agencies.

Camp Programming (CA 3006)  4 credits
Course provides programming experience and theory for youth camps, family camps, retreats, trip/travel camps, outdoor education, and special events. Involvement in training and instructing campers in a variety of program areas: Bible lessons, archery, air rifles, waterfront crafts, camping skills, and winter sports. (Five hours for married students.)

Camp Teaching (CA 3007)  1 credit
Course presents principles for becoming an organized and effective life-style teacher: making use of teachable moments, incorporating the relevancy of Scripture to day-to-day living, as well as more formal teaching situations.

Camp Safety (CA 3008)  1 credit
Course stresses importance of a continual attitude of safety- consciousness in all areas of work or program planning and implementation. Includes a multimedia first aid course.

Camp Ministry Internship (CA 4010)  3 credits
Credits earned for experience at Camp Forest Springs.

Free Electives

Free Electives 3 credits


Biblical Studies 40 credits

General Education 36 credits

Christian Ministry 15 credits

Camp Ministry 32 credits

Free Electives 3 credits

Total 126 credits