Minnesota junior and senior high school students can earn college credit before graduation through Post Secondary Enrollment Options at Oak Hills Christian College.​ Whether you choose to enroll in our online PSEO program or take classes on campus, you will engage in classes that are challenging, faith-building, and future-benefiting.

Contact Admissions with any questions
(218) 333-1980

  1. Submit an application
  2. Send your official high school transcript with class ranking to You can use this High School Transcript Request Form if you like.
  3. Send your standardized test scores to This is required if you are not in the top 30% of your class. (ACT or SAT scores preferred but other standardized tests may be considered.)
  4. Submit a completed and signed Minnesota PSEO Notice of Student Registration (NOSR) Form for the term you are seeking enrollment. This form requires parent/guardian and school official signatures. Please note: most school districts require notification of PSEO enrollment by May 30th for Fall enrollment.
The Oak Hills Fall Semester Acceptance Deadline is August 15.
The Oak Hills Spring Semester  Acceptance Deadline is December 15.
Students accepted after these deadlines may be allowed to attend the following online session or on campus semester.