Biblical Studies and Minstry Course List

Biblical Studies and Theology

Old Testament Survey (BOT 1702)  3 credits
This course is a survey of the Old Testament literature in its historical setting. Attention is given to outstanding persons, events, and theological emphases.

New Testament Survey (BNT 1000)  3 credits
This course is a survey of the background and content of the New Testament with an emphasis on learning to ask questions that will give the student a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. It is designed for students who desire to use the New Testament for the purposes intended by God both in their personal lives and in their teaching. The course is designed from a conservative and evangelical framework.

Old Testament or New Testament electives  6 credits

Interpretation of Biblical Literature (BSA 1002)  3 credits
Introduction to the principles of biblical interpretation in order to better understand the Bible. Emphasis placed on the application of these principles.

Fundamentals of Theology (TH 2705)  3 credits
This course surveys the essential ideas of Christian thought and doctrine. Emphasis is placed on the biblical foundations of Christian belief as well as the application of doctrine to the Christian life and worldview.

Theology electives  6 credits

General Education

College Writing and Research (ENG 1000) 3 credits
This course is designed to give students the opportunity to expand writing and thinking skills through close reading of essay models, peer discussion and practical application. Students will produce original essays - expository, analytical, persuasive, reflective, and descriptive – and will utilize the writing process to improve skills at research, revision, and editing. The course will help students to develop the skills in analytical reading, critical thinking and writing that they will need to be successful in many college courses.

Communication for Leaders (LM 1703) 3 credits
This course provides a general overview of basic leadership communication skills and strategies. Attention is given to listening, audience evaluation, public speaking, small work groups and business writing. Opportunities to discuss and practice leadership communication are built into the course.

Philosophy and Worldview (HUM 2799) 3 credits
This course addresses the fact that our culture is confronted with a vast assortment of differing philosophies and worldviews; each claiming to be true. Focus is provided to understand and evaluate these various belief systems in an increasingly pluralistic society. Main ideas of eight different worldviews will be explored while the student develops and expresses a personal worldview. Topics will center around the nature of God, reality, nature of man, death, truth, morality, and the meaning of life. The primary purpose of this course is to challenge students to examine the timeless truths of Christianity.

World History (HI 2003) 3 credits
This course will provide students with skills in historical research and analysis, a chronological understanding and factual knowledge spanning from the dawn of civilization to 1700. Emphasis is placed on the origins and achievements of the core civilizations of Asia, Africa, America, and Greco-Roman civilizations. In addition, Christian, Islamic and Byzantine cultures will be studied. The ultimate focus will be to provide students with a historical, factual, cultural, and geographical knowledge of ancient history and its relationship to the Bible. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze significant political, socioeconomic, and cultural developments up to the early modern world civilizations within the interrelations of societies and cultures.

Cultural Diversity (HUM 2733) 3 credits
This course is an exploration of cultural diversity and multiculturalism from a Christian faith perspective. This course provides a process to understand and practice cultural diversity competence. It is designed to initiate and provide ongoing preparation for effective interaction with everyone in our culturally diverse world. Growth in these skills equips individuals with the social graces needed to form bonds of mutual trust that will bridge the differences that ordinarily divide people.

General Education Elective  3 credits

Christian Ministry

Living the Christian Faith (CM 1001) 3 credits
This course is designed to provide an entrance into the lifestyle of biblical Christianity, and the role of spiritual disciplines. This course will also help one discover how God has gifted people for His service in the body of Christ and the world at large.

Sharing and Defending the Faith (CM 1002) 3 credits
This course will define faith in Christ (the gospel), and will explore ways to share the gospel. Students will consider the various hindrances to the effective communication of the gospel, as well as develop strategies for answering objections to the gospel in a way that points individuals to Jesus Christ.

Teaching the Christian Faith (CM 2763) 3 credits
This course is intended to equip Christian leaders with an understanding of the principles and practices of teaching the Word of God. The course will include biblical perspectives on teaching, as well as practical methods for teaching effectively. The focus will be on teaching the Christian faith, yet learned skills will apply to other fields as well.

Ministry electives 6 credits

Capstone Course 3 credits

Free Electives

Free Electives 3 credits


Biblical Studies and Theology 24 credits

General Education 18 credits

Christian Ministry  18 credits

Free Electives 3 credits

Total 63 credits