Business Administration Course List


Old Testament Survey (BOT 1702)  3 credits
A survey of the history, literature and theology of the Old Testament with a specific emphasis on the contemporary application of Old Testament teachings. A critical examination of the concept of covenant in the Old Testament will occur throughout the course. A critical analysis of specific Old Testament passages will contextualize the broader themes and teachings of the Old Testament.

Old Testament Elective  3 credits

New Testament History and Literature (BNT 1000)  3 credits
Overview of the New Testament giving special attention to the history, background, content, and main message of the individual New Testament books and the New Testament as a whole.

Synoptic Gospels (BNT 3008)  3 credits
Comparison of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, emphasizing Christ’s earthly mission. Attention given to the social, cultural, and political background of these books.

Interpretation of Biblical Literature (BSA 1002)  3 credits
Introduction to the principles of biblical interpretation in order to better understand the Bible. Emphasis placed on the application of these principles.

Christian Faith (TH 2005)  3 credits
An introduction to the main people, events, and theological positions of the Christian Tradition. Contents will focus on the doctrine of the Bible, God, humankind, the person and work of Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Church, and the last days.

Advanced Hermeneutics (BSA 3019)  3 credits
Study of various interpretive issues including the canon, translation issues, text criticism, and contemporary methods of interpretation.

Contemporary Issues in American Society (TH 2222)  3 credits
This class will examine topics in American society which are currently under debate, such as homosexuality and the origins of the universe. The course will examine these topics by looking at the various positions evidenced in current American society. These positions will then be examined in relation to the biblical text.

Biblical Theology (TH 4005)  3 credits
Study of the major biblical themes in the Old and New Testaments including the kingdom of God, covenants, temple, law, and people of God. Designed to be taken in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree program.

Biblical Studies Elective (Upper Division)  3 credits

General Education


College Writing I (ENG 1000) 3 credits
Prerequisite: acceptable placement score or ENG-0099 
Emphasis on improving skills and effectiveness in written communication through critical reading of diverse literary genres and extensive writing. Course deals with developing authorial voice and adapting that voice to academic audiences.

College Writing II (ENG 1001)  3 credits
Continued emphasis on composition with concentration on critical and creative thinking. Includes use of sources, research methods, and preparation of college-level research papers.


Communication Concepts (COM 3731)  3 credits
An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational settings as well as interpersonal exchanges.


Choose (Skills for College Success or Goals, Priorities, Attitudes)  3 credits

Worldview: Thinking Like Jesus (HUM 2799)  3 credits
This course is designed to help students understand the meaning of worldview, and its importance in the life of a Christian. The worldviews of modern culture will be examined and evaluated in light of biblical truth. Students will understand the foundations of a biblical world view by studying appropriate passages of Scripture, especially those that relate to the life and teachings of Jesus.

Integrative Senior Seminar  3 credits

Social Science

World History (HI 2003)  3 credits
A study of the ancient Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European roots of modern Western civilization through the Renaissance/Reformation era.

Choose (Sociology or Cultural Anthropology) 3 credits

Natural Science/Math

Natural Science/Math Electives   6 credits


General Education Electives   6 credits

Christian Ministry

Evangelism & Discipleship (SFII)  3 credits

Small Groups in the Church (CM 4732)  3 credits
This course will benefit anyone who participates in small groups, but it is specifically designed to help leaders understand the components of group process and enable them to fulfill their roles. The primary focus of the course is small groups in a church-based ministry, although many of the concepts and principles also apply to businesses and other organizations that are comprised of groups of people.

Supervised Outreach I  3 credits

Supervised Outreach II/Internship  3 credits

Business Administration

Choose (Accounting for Managers or Financial Concepts)  3 credits

Economics for the Manager (SBA 3735)  3 credits
A focus on the use of economics in making managerial decisions; both within an organization, and in the larger market arena. Issues involving scarcity and choice, the United States economy, price, production, cost, competition, money, income, business cycles and international trade are included. The interaction between economics and organizations is emphasized.

Essentials of Management (LM 3726)  3 credits
A study of the five parts of managing organizations, planning , organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling/evaluating with the study of principles for application to both not ? for ? profit and for ? profit organizations and applica - tions in organizations with references to Scripture.

Management of Human Resources (LM 4737)  3 credits
A study of an organization’s effort to find, motivate and retain effective people who demonstrate a commitment to being part of a team which accomplishes the organizational mission.

Teams and Work Processes (LM 4734)  3 credits
The organization of work in the implementation of the strategic plan with work analyzed for how human efforts in teams and other small groups of various compositions and other structures can effectively bring that work to a quality level of completion as defined by the end ? user.

Organizational Marketing and Sales (SBA 4731)  3 credits
The use of organizational mission to develop a marketing approach to reach potential constituencies with image, product and service that will cause those constituencies to utilize the organization to meet their perceived needs in a manner that is profitable to the organization.

Legal Implications for Business (SBA 3732)  3 credits
This course will give a basic explanation of the law--its sources, development, terminology ?? and a discussion of specific legal doctrines and principles which affect business, with an introduction to business organizations such as corporations and partnerships, criminal contracts, legal documents and property.

Ethical Decisions in the Workplace (SBA 4732)  3 credits
The development, discussion and resolution of ethical issues in organizations and how outcomes are impacted by ethical standards and Christian faith.

Organizational Behavior (LM 3732)  3 credits
Organizational goals, priorities and strategies interfacing with the behavior of individuals and groups inside the organization and in other affecting organizations. Attention is given to the effect of organizational culture, government laws and regulations and the economy upon organizational behavior.

Case Studies in Leadership (LM 4731)  3 credits
Case studies will be selected for in-depth study of the application of leadership concepts with particular reference to those concepts found in Scripture. Students will develop a written analysis of their style of leader - ship. Related issues are introduced through readings.

Free Electives

Free Electives 12 credits


Biblical Studies 30 credits

General Education 36 credits

Christian Ministry 12 credits

Business Administration 30 credits

Free Electives 12 credits

Total 120 credits