Church and Ministry

Ministry Networking

We are committed to local ministry networking, and have an extensive list of church & ministry contacts and networks.
CONTACT: Jim Hodgson, ext. 1238,

Distance Education

Online degrees currently available are: Bachelor’s degrees in Leadership & Ministry; Business Administration; and Associate’s in Biblical Studies & Ministry.
CONTACT: Sue Glidden, Director ext. 1247,

Student Involvement

Our college students are looking for a local church family, volunteer opportunities, and internship options in the Bemidji area.
CONTACT: Jim Hodgson, ext. 1238,

Ministry Conferences & Retreats

Conferences include our Women’s Breakaway, The Global Leadership Summit simulcast, and MCMA’s Rekindle conference.
CONTACT: Pat Allen (Breakaway)
CONTACT: Jim Hodgson (GLS/Rekindle)

Pulpit Supply

We have faculty, staff, pastoral students, and other contacts available for pulpit supply.
CONTACT: Mishele McKain, ext. 1281,

Free Class at OHCC

Pastors may enroll in one OHCC course per semester and have the tuition fee waived (degree credit limits and other fees still apply).
CONTACT: Admissions Department, 866-307-OHCC,

Camp Oak Hills

Our camping ministry offers youth camps & wilderness trips, plus adult ministries.
CONTACT: Scott Buchan, Director, 218-444-4085,

Center for Indian Ministries (CIM)

Resources are available for strengthening the Native Church, including our Mokahum Ministry Center discipleship training school.
CONTACT: Zane Williams, Director, 480-580-3945,
CONTACT: Paul Straubel, Public Relations, 218-556-8661,

Career Center

Advertise your ministry’s staff opening on our website’s career center.
CONTACT: Jim Hodgson ext. 1238,


The Cummings Library is available for your use year-round.
CONTACT: Keith Bush, ext. 1299,

Lodging & Camping Facilities

Our guest apartment is available year round, and our lakeside camping area and dorms are available in the summer.
CONTACT: Pat Allen, ext. 1244,

Free Getaway

Funds are available to provide free lodging (1-3 nights) for pastors to use our guest apartment for respite or study.
CONTACT: Pat Allen, ext. 1244,