Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid

Complete required steps 1-3 in order to receive financial aid at OHCC.  Complete optional steps 4-5 for additional financial aid opportunities.  (Note: You must be admitted by the Office of Admissions before you can apply for financial aid.  This is not applicable for returning students.)

  1. OHCC Financial Aid Application
    (must be filled out every year including returning students)
    Online Application
    Print Paper Application
  2. FAFSA  (Free Application for Student Aid)
    Click here to fill out the online FAFSA application
    Oak Hills Christian College FAFSA code: 016116
    Be sure to use the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) if you're given the option.  This will simplify the process if you are selected for *verification.  Click here for instructions to use the DRT.
  3. Minnesota State Grant Application
    [Only new students (incoming freshman and transfers) who are Minnesota Residents are required to fill this out]
    Online Application
    Print Paper Application
  4. Additional Scholarship Opportunities
    To apply for additional scholarships please click here.
  5. Student Employment
    To apply for a student job, please click here.  This must be completed each year to be considered for employment.
  6. Congratulations, the hard part is over!
    Oak Hills Christian College will finalize your financial aid package and send you an award letter.  For students who complete the steps above by March 31st, award letters will be sent out in early April for new students and early June for returning students.


Approximately 1/3 of all FAFSA’s are selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education. This means the College must “verify” the FAFSA was completed correctly.

If you have been contacted by the Financial Aid Office to complete a verification document, please click here to view a list of verification forms.

Financial Aid Office, 1600 Oak Hills Road SW, Bemidji, MN 56601  local: 218-751-8670, ext. 1284,  toll-free: 888-751-8670, ext. 1284  fax: 218-751-8825