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Oak Hills Ministry Fund: These funds are used primarily for the College's general operating expenses. A portion of the Ministry Fund is also used for the Center for Indian Ministries and Camp Oak Hills operating expenses. Examples of operating expenses include items such as utilities, maintenance, office supplies, and updating staff and faculty technology. Our 2014-2015 fiscal year goal for the GF is $75,000.

Student Grant Fund: SGF monies are used to fund grants and scholarships for Oak Hills’ students. Oak Hills provides over $450,000 in direct aid to students. As a result, the average loan debt for a Bachelor’s degree graduate has been reduced by f $10,000 over the last 6 years. Our budgeted goal for 2014-2015 for the SGF is $225,000.

Capital Campaign Fund: As part of our new 25 year master site plan, Oak Hills has begun a Capital Campaign Project (see the Alumni and Friends tab on the Oak Hills home page for more information). A new women’s residence hall is the primary goal for phase 1 of the Campaign for Real Transformation. Phase 2 will enable us to build a new men’s residence hall. Removal of the Administration Building will make way for the new residence halls. New administrative and faculty offices have been intentionally created near the centers of student activity with Student Life in the Valley View Student Center, faculty in the Fellowship Center, and administration in the Schreiber Activity Center, as well as a new home for the Center for Indian Ministries in the former Ten Oaks Duplex as you enter campus. The budget for phase one is $2.2 Million and we have received $1.5 million in gifts and pledges as of 10/31/14.

Alumni Project Fund 2015: The 2015 Alumni Project goal is to purchase one of two 15-passenger vans that will primarily be used to transport our athletes. The van will cost $22,000. The purchase of this van will greatly help our athletic program grow as we will have reliable transportation for our athletes. One van can carry a full team and their equipment.

Camp Oak Hills: Funds donated to Camp Oak Hills go primarily towards general operating expenses. This includes reoccurring expenses, office supplies, and keeping the facilities up to date.

Camp Oak Hills Scholarships: Camp Scholarships are for children who would benefit from camp, but without financial help, would not be able to attend. Gifts to the Camp Oak Hills Scholarship fund gives children the opportunity to begin a lifelong faith journey.

Camp Oak Hills Dining Hall & Cabin Remodel: Last fall, a fire destroyed the Camp's kitchen, and damaged the dining hall. A long range plan to winterize camp buildings had been in place and through the fire God gave us the opportunity to accelerate the time line for these improvements. Insurance coverage and generous gifts have enabled us to use the rebuilt kitchen and dining hall during the 2014 camp season. However, there is still work left to be done before we can say that the construction is complete. Winterization of the building and finishing the new basement section will move forward as funds become available. Currently a $15,000 match is available for this project.

Center for Indian Ministries: Funds donated to Center for Indian Ministries go primarily towards general operating expenses. This includes utilities,office supplies, and maintenance projects.

Mokahum Ministry Center: Funds donated to the Mokahum Ministry Center go to Mokahum school expenses. These include honorarium and travel expenses for guest teachers, room and board for students, and student program and recreational supplies.

Mokahum Ministry Center Student Scholarship: Donations towards Mokahum Scholarships help fund Mokahum student tuition costs. The Native American students at Mokahum need to pay $3000 toward training and living expenses each year. By donating to Mokahum Ministry Center Scholarships, you help train Mokahum students to become leaders in their Native communities.