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NOTE: These job descriptions accurately lay out the duties required in each of the positions mentioned.  However, working in camping ministry is a very fluid occupation. If you are hired, you are first and foremost a member of Camp Lebanon staff.  That means that you may need to pitch in and work in an area that is not the one for which you are specifically hired.  (Example: if you are a program team member and we have a large camp week, you may be put in counseling).


Counselor – 22 positions


Description:   Staff is needed to counsel campers, ranging in age from 5-18. All camps are coed camps with up to 210 campers each week. Responsibilities include supervision of the cabin group, individual spiritual counseling, participating in games and activities, leading Bible studies, leading a seminar/clinic, participating with his/her cabin in evening chapels, and working with a Junior Counselor.  Primary task is to invest equally in every camper under your care.

Reports to: Lead Counselors

Dates: May 31-August 16- Summer Camp


Compensation: $250/week


·         Maintain a daily time with God

·         Clearly present the Gospel in age-appropriate ways

·         We are here to serve and love the campers.  Learn to live and model that phrase

·         Be the spiritual leader for your cabin; show campers what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus

·         Provide care, love, and encouragement for every camper in your cabin

·         Love your campers, hoping and praying for a new and deepening relationship with Jesus

·         Attend all counselor meetings

·         Meet one on one with each camper assigned to your cabin throughout the week

·         Write a postcard (provided by Camp) to each camper every week, before leaving that week

·         Fill out Decisions slips, when necessary, on the day that the decision takes place

·         Meet individually with the with Lead Counselor weekly

·         Junior and Senior High: Lead 1 seminar/clinic per day

·         Participate wholeheartedly in all program events; no matter how messy or repetitive they may be (example: Capture the Flag every week – play with energy and joy!)