Homecoming Weekend


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03-Mar-2018 Spring Break
04-Mar-2018 Spring Break
05-Mar-2018 Spring Break
06-Mar-2018 Spring Break
07-Mar-2018 Spring Break
08-Mar-2018 Spring Break
09-Mar-2018 Spring Break
10-Mar-2018 Spring Break
22-Mar-2018 Chinook
23-Mar-2018 Chinook
30-Mar-2018 Easter Break
31-Mar-2018 Easter Break
31-Mar-2018 Spring Break
01-Apr-2018 Easter Break
02-Apr-2018 Easter Break
30-Apr-2018 Final Exams
01-May-2018 Final Exams
02-May-2018 Final Exams
03-May-2018 Final Exams
05-May-2018 Graduation
13-Jun-2018 Women's Breakaway
14-Jun-2018 Women's Breakaway
15-Jun-2018 Women's Breakaway
16-Jun-2018 Women's Breakaway
16-Jun-2018 Women's Breakaway