A time to visit Oak Hills, meet other students, sit in a class, and participate in fun activities. For more details go to

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Upcoming Events

09-Mar-2019 Spring Break
10-Mar-2019 Spring Break
11-Mar-2019 Spring Break
12-Mar-2019 Spring Break
13-Mar-2019 Spring Break
14-Mar-2019 Spring Break
15-Mar-2019 Spring Break
16-Mar-2019 Spring Break
17-Mar-2019 Spring Break
22-Mar-2019 Chinook
23-Mar-2019 Chinook
19-Apr-2019 Easter Break
20-Apr-2019 Easter Break
21-Apr-2019 Easter Break
22-Apr-2019 Easter Break
06-May-2019 Final Exams
07-May-2019 Final Exams
08-May-2019 Final Exams
09-May-2019 Final Exams
11-May-2019 Graduation