OHCC will match the Church donation up to $500 per year. Should a student only remain enrolled for one semester Oak Hills will not match more than $250 per semester.

Example: If John Doe enrolls in the Fall semester and receives a $500 donation from his church and then withdraws after the fall semester, Oak Hills will match up to half with a maximum of $250. Then Oak Hills will give the church the option to either have the remaining $250 of the church’s money sent back to the church or left on the student’s account. If the Church does not respond within two weeks, the money will remain on the student’s account and either pay off remaining expenses or be given to the student as a refund check.

Required Actions

Students who desire to receive a gift matching scholarship should contact their church leadership to discuss the opportunity with them. The church must officially endorse the student through a formal decision of the church leadership or membership, affirming that the student is a worthy investment for ministry training because they demonstrate a love and obedience to God’s Word and are actively serving the church.

The church must not use this program to:

  1. Pass money from the student’s parents or relatives to the student.
  2. Replace promised wages or promise the scholarship in place of wages.

The church should submit the scholarship form below by August 15th for the Fall semester, and January 5th for the Spring semester.  OHCC will not provide a financial match until a check is received from the church with obvious implications that the church was the originator of the check (IE church’s name is on the check).

* Required