a new form of aid

A major problem facing our students and prospective students has been balancing the commitment of attending college. While we provide what we can to lower the cost for our students through institutional aid, we have seen students choose other institutions or not be able to return because of outstanding bills. There was a need to bridge the gap between what they were initially offered and what they could reasonably afford.

This year we were  able to provide aid to  8 students who otherwise would not have been able to attend through a generous donation from the Love In Action Foundation and the development of the Work Plus Program.

Oak Hills Christian College developed the Work Plus Program to assist students in paying college tuition and fees to attend Oak Hills while instilling the value of student development in the work realm. Participants are awarded up to $4000 per year. The program provides a student with a work opportunity that will enhance individual learning and provide valuable job experience in exchange for financial aid. Additionally, participants are paired with a supervisor who will mentor them through the process and strategically develop them in their jobs.

“My name is Shane Fleming. I am studying youth ministry here at Oak Hills and have been attending on and off since 2014. I was not able to complete school straight through because of the financial strain. Last year I was working full time in construction, all while knowing God was calling me to more. He was calling me to ministry, and I had a great desire to go back to school. My desire is to use my degree to create an environment of godly growth in character, mindset, and spirit for youth and young adults.

I was able to return to Oak Hills this semester because of the Work Plus Program. It allows students like me with outstanding debt to return to school with the condition of working a set amount of hours for the school and putting the income directly towards their school bills. Returning to school and finishing my degree will bring me one step closer to beginning my career in youth ministry. Financially, it would not have been possible for me to return without the grace and opportunity that Oak Hills has given me. I am extremely grateful for the Work Plus Program.”