Student paging through their Bible in class.


We want you to be the real you - the you that God is calling you to be. We expect you to think for yourself. You’ll be learning from highly qualified, Christian professors who are active professionals in their fields. We believe that through your experience here, you will understand and interpret Scripture rightly, develop an explicitly biblical worldview and be well-equipped for your career.


True knowledge and wisdom can only be gained when learning is rooted in a biblical worldview. OHCC students are challenged and encouraged to learn what God has to say about the world, humanity and service. We expect students to think critically and come to their own conclusions.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor (Online)
  • Associate (Online)
  • Associate of Arts
  • One-Year Program


Professors at Oak Hills Christian College are deeply committed to your success. They seek to walk alongside you in your journey of spiritual and academic transformation. The caring OHCC community provides many opportunities outside the classroom environment for you to engage with the faculty in real conversations about life, learning and faith.