Old Testament History

A history of Israel (221.95 B855h)

A Biblical History of Israel (221.95 P969b)

The Oxford History of the Biblical World (220.95 C769o)

What did the biblical writers know, and when did they know it? (220.95 D491w)

The origins of biblical monotheism (296.311 S655o)

Ancient World History and Near Eastern History

A history of the ancient Near East, c. 3000-323 BC (939.4 V226h)

The Oxford classical dictionary (REF 938.003 H814o)

The Ancient Orient (939.4 S679a)

Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Literature

Readings from the ancient Near East : primary sources for Old Testament study (221.95 A752r)

Old Testament parallels (REF 221.95 M442o)

Ancient Near Eastern texts relating to the Old Testament (REF 221.93 P961a)

Ancient texts for the study of the Hebrew Bible : a guide to the background literature (221.95 S736a)

History of Intertestamental Times

An Introduction to Early Judaism (296.09 V234i)

Customs and controversies : intertestamental Jewish backgrounds of the New Testament (296.09 S427c)

In the shadow of the temple : Jewish influences on early Christianity (270.1 S626i)

Jewish literature between the Bible and the Mishnah : a historical and literary introduction (296.1 N632j)

History of New Testament Times

Backgrounds of early Christianity (225.8 F325b)

Dictionary of New Testament background (REF 225.803 E92d)

The Greco-Roman world of the New Testament era (225.96 J45g)

Jesus and the rise of early Christianity : a history of New Testament times (225.95 B261j)

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