Associate of Arts

Overview of Associate of Arts

The Associate in Arts degree will provide you with a Bible-centered, general course of study preparing you for further undergraduate education at public and private 4-year colleges and universities. The degree is designed to maximize the number of credits which would transfer to other schools, where students might complete programs not offered at Oak Hills. While Oak Hills has designed programs as transfer programs, whether credits are transferable is up to the receiving institution.

Students in this program will have a strong foundation in biblical studies and interpretation. Another important characteristic of the program is that all general education courses (such as science, history, English, mathematics and philosophy) are taught from a distinctly Christian worldview, with the expectation that these courses will contribute to students’ growth in faith.

Who Should Apply

Those seeking a Christian education, but wishing to complete a major not offered at Oak Hills.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of the Bible and sharpen your ministry skills, this program is for you!

Career Paths

You will be prepared for empoyment at organizations that require a 2-year degree. Many AA students transfer to other institutions in programs like education, nursing/health care, mass communications, social work, history, English, criminal justice, engineering, and many others.

Required Credits

60 credits required including: General Education (40), Biblical Studies (12), Christian Ministry (8). 


Each academic program of the college provides the context for whole life transformation through biblical life preparation. Students come to learn, learn to serve, and serve to change lives. Through the courses offered in each program, students will develop a Christ-centered worldview and be prepared to make a difference in the world through their lives, work and service to others.

The courses of study in each degree proceed from foundational to exploratory to immersion courses. Areas of study for each degree will include general education, biblical studies, Christian ministry and service, and core courses in the major.

Students will be challenged to grow in their knowledge of self, others, the world and the Bible. They will be challenged to grow in their critical
thinking, development of a biblical worldview and the integration of their faith and learning.

Foundational courses – 48 credits

General Education – 21 Credits
  • College Writing I (3 credits)
  • College Writing II (3 credits)
  • Intercultural Communications (3 credits)
  • Math/Science Electives (3 credits)
  • Social Science Electives (3 credits)
  • Humanties Electives (3 credits)
  • General Education Electives (3 credits)
biblical studies – 9 Credits
  • Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • New Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • Christian Faith (3 credits)
Christian ministry – 8 Credits
  • Spiritual Formation I (3 credit)
  • Spiritual Formation II (3 credits)
  • Faith and Life (2 credits)

Explorational courses – 9 credits

General Education – 9 Credits
  • Worldviews (3 credits)
  • World History (3 credits)
  • Interpretation of Biblical Literature (3 credits)
  • Sophomore Assessment (0 credits)

free electives – 3 credits

derrick Houle


Department Chair: General Education
Program Director: Applied Psychology
Instructor: Counseling, Psychology

B.A. in Social Science 
Providence College, Otterburne, MB, Canada
M.A. in Counseling and Psychology 
Providence Seminary, Otterburne, MB, Canada
Clear Waters Life Center, Clearbrook, MN
OHCC since 2000

Derrick Houle