bachelor of arts in Intercultural Studies

Overview of Intercultural Studies

This program is designed for the student who desires to live and work as a disciple of Christ in a multi-cultural world. The student will be prepared to pursue a chosen career in any North American or international cultural or multi-cultural setting.

Who Should Apply

Those with a desire pursue their career interests in any cultural or international setting. Those with a passion to love and serve God among the nations.

Career Paths
The knowledge and skills gained in the Intercultural Studies major will prepare students for intercultural work in North America or internationally. This program combines biblical and intercultural studies and encourages students to take courses in the areas of their career interests. Education, government, business, non-governmental and mission organizations seek individuals able to work across cultural boundaries.
Required Credits

120 credits required including: Intercultural Studies (23), Biblical Studies (30), General Education (30), Christian Ministry (15), Free and/or Emphasis Electives (22). 


Each academic program of the college provides the context for whole life transformation through biblical life preparation. Students come to learn, learn to serve, and serve to change lives. Through the courses offered in each program, students will develop a Christ-centered worldview and be prepared to make a difference in the world through their lives, work and service to others.

The courses of study in each degree proceed from foundational to exploratory to immersion courses. Areas of study for each degree will include general education, biblical studies, Christian ministry and service, and core courses in the major.

Students will be challenged to grow in their knowledge of self, others, the world and the Bible. They will be challenged to grow in their critical
thinking, development of a biblical worldview and the integration of their faith and learning.

Foundational courses – 44 credits

General Education – 15 Credits
  • College Writing I (3 credits)
  • College Writing II (3 credits)
  • Intercultural Communications (3 credits)
  • Science/Math Elective (3 credits)
  • General Education Electives (3 credits)
biblical studies – 12 Credits
  • Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • New Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • Interpretation of Biblical Literature (3 credits)
  • Christian Faith (3 credits)
Christian ministry – 12 Credits
  • Spiritual Formation I (3 credit)
  • Spiritual Formation II (3 credits)
  • Teaching in Ministry (3 credits)
  • Outreach (2 credits)
  • Intercultural Outreach (1 credit)
Intercultural Studies – 5 Credits
  • Foundations of International Work (3 credits)
  • Regional Cultural Studies I (2 credits)

exploration courses – 28 credits

General Education – 12 Credits
  • Worldviews (3 credits)
  • World History (3 credits)
  • Cultural Anthroplogy (3 credits)
  • World Religions (3 credits)
Biblical Studies – 6 Credits
  • Old Testament Elective (3 credits, Upper Level)
  • New Testament Elective (3 credits, Upper Level)
Christian ministry – 3 Credits
  • Outreach (2 credits, 1 Upper Level)
  • Intercultural Outreach (1 credit, Upper Level)
Intercultural Studies – 7 Credits
  • Patterns for International Work (3 credits)
  • Regional Cultural Studies II (2 credits)
  • Special Topics in Intercultural Studies (2 credits)

immersion courses – 26 credits

General Education – 3 Credits
  • Senior Seminar (3 credits)
Biblical Studies – 12 Credits
  • Romans (3 credits)
  • Bible/Theology Electives (3 credits, Upper Level)
  • Bible Electives (6 credits)
Intercultural Studies – 11 Credits
  • Current Issues in Intercultural Studies (2 credits)
  • The Mission of God and His People (3 credits)
  • Intercultural Studies Internship (6 credits)

free and/or Emphasis electives – 22 Credits (4 Upper Level)

phil bjorklund

director of intercultural studies

Program Director: Intercultural Studies 
Instructor: Intercultural Studies.

B.A. in Ministries
University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN 
M. Div.
Denver Seminary, Littleton, CO

Phil Bjorklund