bachelor of science in applied psychology

Overview of Applied Psychology

This program will prepare you to better understand human behavior and cognition, provide human service skill development, and will equip you with practical solutions to human problems. You’ll experience traditional psychology curriculum through a Christian perspective, as many classroom discussion topics are taken directly from the Bible.

This program consists of a major in Biblical Studies, core courses in psychology, and the opportunity to pursue an area of interest within the field of psychology through the choice of an internship.

Who Should Apply

Suffering and sorrow is a reality of living outside of the Garden. If you have a heart for God and people and want to be a part of redemptive work in the lives of others, this program will prepare you to become a person of hope, faith and love.

Career Paths

Graduates will be prepared for immediate employment in human services agencies such as group homes and shelters. This program will also prepare you for graduate work in counseling and mental health facilities, schools, churches and government agencies.

Required Credits

126 credits required including: Psychology (34), Biblical Studies (28), General Education (32), Christian Ministry (12), Free Electives (20). To view a list of required courses, click here.

derrick Houle


Program Director: Applied Psychology 
Instructor: Counseling, Psychology

B.A. in Social Science 
Providence College, Otterburne, MB, Canada 
M.A. in Counseling and Psychology 
Providence Seminary, Otterburne, MB, Canada 
Clear Waters Life Center, Clearbrook, MN 
OHCC since 2000

Derrick Houle