bachelor of science in Healthcare administration and services (Hybrid)

Overview of Healthcare

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Services will equip students with a fundamental knowledge of all aspects of healthcare administration and services. Graduates will be prepared to integrate their faith and servant leadership in meeting present and future needs in the healthcare profession. Graduates will have marketable skills to enter the workforce immediately or to pursue further studies.


  • Develop an understanding of the healthcare needs and services within the community, with a focus on rural or multicultural communities.
  • Demonstrate skills and abilities to be employed in healthcare administration and service positions.
  • Articulate medical terminology and communication skills in a healthcare setting.
  • Apply a biblical worldview with a Christ-centered, moral and ethical foundation for making necessary healthcare policy decisions that are righteous, legal, and culturally competent.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide education and support services to those accessing healthcare services.
  • Apply disciplinary knowledge and Christ-centered values to leadership, management, and administrative situations in a healthcare setting.
  • Apply knowledge from an emphasis discipline (science, business, pastoral, addictions, etc.) in a healthcare service environment.
Who Should Apply

This could be the major for you if you care about health and desire to serve in the healthcare field in administrative, educational, and supportive roles – you have many career options with this degree.

Career Paths

Office administrator in medical practices; public health educator; medical facilities administrator, behavioral health administrator, hospital office manager, social services manager, home healthcare administrator.

Required Credits

120 credits required including: Healthcare Administration and Services (39), Biblical Studies (30), Christian Ministry (9), General Education (30), Free/Emphasis Electives (12).


Each academic program of the college provides the context for whole life transformation through biblical life preparation. Students come to learn, learn to serve, and serve to change lives. Through the courses offered in each program, students will develop a Christ-centered worldview and be prepared to make a difference in the world through their lives, work and service to others.

The courses of study in each degree proceed from foundational to exploratory to immersion courses. Areas of study for each degree will include general education, biblical studies, Christian ministry and service, and core courses in the major.

Students will be challenged to grow in their knowledge of self, others, the world and the Bible. They will be challenged to grow in their critical thinking, development of a biblical worldview and the integration of their faith and learning.

Foundational courses – 38 credits

General Education – 9 Credits
  • College Writing I (3 credits)
  • College Writing II (3 credits)
  • Intercultural Communications (3 credits)
biblical studies – 12 Credits
  • Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • New Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • Interpretation of Biblical Literature (3 credits)
  • Christian Faith (3 credits)
Christian ministry – 8 Credits
  • Spiritual Formation I (3 credits)
  • Spiritual Formation II (3 credits)
  • Faith and Life (2 credits)
healthcare administration and services- 9 Credits
  • Intro to Health Sciences (3 credits)
  • Medical Terminology OR Psychopharmacology (3 credits)
  • Nutrition and Wellness (3 credits)

exploration courses – 58 credits

General Education – 21 Credits
  • Worldviews (3 credits)
  • History Elective (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
  • Lifespan and Development (3 credits)
  • Social Psychology (3 credits)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
  • General Education Electives (2 credits)
Biblical Studies – 12 Credits
  • Bible Electives (6 credits)
  • Bible Electives (6 credits, upper level)
Christian ministry – 4 Credits
  • Student Outreach (2 credits)
  • Intercultural Student Outreach (2 credits)
healthcare administration and services- 21 Credits
  • Professionalism and Education in Healthcare Administration (3 credits)
  • Ethical/Legal Issues in Healthcare Administration (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Administration Policy and Economics (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Management I (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Management II (3 credits)
  • Community Health in Rural Contexts (3 credits)
  • Evidence-based Practice Research/Analytical Writing (3 credits)

immersion courses – 15 credits

Biblical Studies – 6 Credits
  • Mentoring and Discipleship (3 credits, upper level)
  • Senior Seminar (3 credits, upper level)
healthcare Administration and services – 9 Credits
  • Healthcare Services Practicum (3 credits, UL)
  • Healthcare Administration/Services Internship (6 credits, UL)

free and/or Emphasis electives – 12 Credits

tom haldeman

Director of business program

Program Director:
Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Healthcare Administration

Instructor: Business

B.S. in Business Administration
Oak Hills Christian College, Bemidji, MN

Masters's in Business Administration
Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT

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