certificate in biblical studies

Overview of Certificate in Biblical Studies

The world today is constantly challenging our beliefs in the Bible. Through this one-year program you’ll gain an introductory knowledge and understanding of the Word of God and its application to the world in which we live.

You’ll be equipped with a strong foundation of Bible content, application skills, and outreach opportunities.

Who Should Apply

This course of study is valuable for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of Scripture and deepen their walk with God.

Career Paths

You will be prepared for further education or to serve in churches, para-church agencies and/or personal ministries.

Required Credits

32 credits required including: Biblical Studies (22), Christian Ministry (8), Free Electives (2). To view a list of required courses, click here.

Dr. Gale struthers

Director of biblical studies

Director: Biblical Studies, Associate in Arts in Biblical Studies, Certificate in Biblical Studies 
Instructor: Biblical Studies, Hebrew

B.A. in Biblical Studies 
Oak Hills Bible College, Bemidji, MN 
Graduate Studies 
Institute of Holy Land Studies, Jerusalem, Israel 
M.A. in Biblical Studies 
Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL 
Ph.D. in Biblical Theology 
Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL 
OHCC since 1988

Gale Struthers