Old Testament Survey (BOT 1702)  3 credits
A survey of the history, literature and theology of the Old Testament with a specific emphasis on the contemporary application of Old Testament teachings. A critical examination of the concept of covenant in the Old Testament will occur throughout the course. A critical analysis of specific Old Testament passages will contextualize the broader themes and teachings of the Old Testament.

New Testament Survey (BNT-1700-3-K)  3 credits
A survey of the New Testament including events in the life of Christ, the development of the early church, the work of the followers of Christ, and the influence on organizations and people in the first century and beyond. This knowledge and understanding is extended into applications in the life and personal devotions of the learner.

Christian Faith (TH 2705) 3 credits
This course serves as an introduction to the study of Christian Theology. Participants will explore key doctrines such as divine revelation, God, creation, humanity, sin, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, salvation and Christian spirituality, the church, and eschatology.

Apologetics (TH 2200) 3 credits
This class is an introduction to apologetics and the discipline of defending the Christian faith against objections or questions. Major content areas: a brief history of apologetics, a discussion on the trustworthiness of the Bible as a literary and historical book, the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering and a good God, the person of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospels, miracles and the resurrection, the problem of Christian hypocrisy.

Advanced Interpretation of Biblical Literature (BSA 1002) 3 credits
A study of basic to advanced principles and methods of biblical interpretation and application.

Biblical Theology (TH 4005)  3 credits
This senior level course is designed as the capstone course for the biblical studies portion of the Bachelor`s degree. This course will examine the method and challenges of Biblical Theology. A major portion of this course will be an analysis of major themes which are evident in both the Old and New Testaments. Attention will be given to the application of various themes in current society.

Biblical Studies Electives  9 credits (Must include 6 credits of 3-4,000 Upper Level) (Must include 1 OT, 1NT)
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General Education (36 credits)


College Writing I (ENG 1000) 3 credits
This course is an exercise in critical reading and thinking and effective strategies of persuasion. It is also a study of paragraph and composition structure, focusing on expository and persuasive writing as well as the "rhetorical modes" with their use individually and cooperatively, and on research and proper documentation requirements at the college level.

College Writing II (ENG 1001)  3 credits
An exercise in the ability to read and think critically and to write persuasively. A study of the collection and synthesis of information from a variety of sources, focusing on the ability to use such information to logically construct an argument.


Business Writing (ENG 2703)  3 credits
Advanced professional writing course that provides practice in communicating and writing for business, research, government, and industry. Emphasizes clear, concise, effective, and error-free communication. Develops skill in writing professional emails, memos, resumes, reports, project plans, and business abstracts for specific audiences through contextual analysis and encourages ethical responses to professional audiences. Collaborative production of business documents. Research and analysis of scholarly and news articles and documents in business.

Communication Concepts (COM 3731)  3 credits
An introduction to the concepts of effective oral and written communication to include functioning in teams and other organizational settings as well as interpersonal exchanges.


Philosophy and Worldview (HUM 2799)  3 credits
This course is designed to help students understand the meaning of worldview, and its importance in the life of a Christian. The worldviews of modern culture will be examined and evaluated in light of biblical truth. Students will understand the foundations of a biblical world view by studying appropriate passages of Scripture, especially those that relate to the life and teachings of Jesus.

Humanities Elective  3 credits
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Integrative Senior Seminar (HUM 4001)  3 credits
Serving as a capstone experience in the online Bachelor degree, this course provides students the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge and skills gained from across the Oak Hills program curriculum in a research project, to assess their college experience, and to assess their readiness for a transition to their vocations or graduate education.

Social Sciences

History Elective  (3 credits)
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Sociology or Cultural Anthropology Elective  3 credits
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Natural Science/Math

Math or Science Elective   (6 credits)
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Other General Education Electives

General Education Electives  (6 credits)
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Christian Ministry (12 credits)

Sharing and Defending the Faith (CM 1002)  3 credits
A study of the nature, purpose and process of biblical evangelism and its application to various ministries; a study of New Testament discipleship principles and their application, with a special emphasis upon building discipling relationships and small group ministry.

Small Groups in the Church (CM 4732)  3 credits
This course will benefit anyone who participates in small groups, but it is specifically designed to help leaders understand the components of group process and enable them to fulfill their roles. The primary focus of the course is small groups in a church-based ministry, although many of the concepts and principles also apply to businesses and other organizations that are comprised of groups of people.

Biblical Concepts of Leadership (LM 3701)  3 credits
A study of the concepts of leadership in the context of Scripture and appli - cation of these concepts to personal, professional and career goals. The course will include the use of a survey to assess each individual’s leader - ship capabilities to help him/her to understand his/her personal profile.

Foundations of Teaching and Preaching (LM 2711)  3 credits
Introduces the principles and skills necessary to effectively communicate Scripture through teaching and preaching delivery. This course allows for the development and application of skills learned.

Business Administration and Management (30 credits)

Essentials of Management (LM 3726)  3 credits
A study of the five parts of managing organizations, planning , organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling/evaluating with the study of principles for application to both not for profit and for profit organizations and applications in organizations with references to Scripture.

Management of Human Resources (LM 4737)  3 credits
A study of an organization's effort to find, motivate and retain effective people who demonstrate a commitment to being part of a team which accomplishes the organizational mission.

Accounting for Managers (LM 3731)  3 credits
This course provides an overview of accounting from the perspective of a non-accounting manager. It helps to develop the tools to understand the essentials of how finance functions within an organization. This includes internal controls, the function of accounting, historical accounting data and financial planning. The course also provides an overview of how to manage a business by God's principles.

Introduction to Business (BUS-1002-3-K)  3 credits
Introduction to the fundamentals of business including business organization, business environment, management, marketing, finance, mission, business ethics, and social responsibility.

Economics for the Manager (LM 3735)  3 credits
A focus on the use of economics in making managerial decisions; both within an organization, and in the larger market arena. Issues involving scarcity and choice, the United States economy, price, production, cost, competition, money, income, business cycles and international trade are included. The interaction between economics and organizations is emphasized.

Organizational Leadership (LM 3732)  3 credits
Organizational goals, priorities and strategies interfacing with the behavior of individuals and groups inside the organization and in other affecting organizations. Attention is given to the effect of organizational culture, government laws and regulations and the economy upon organizational behavior.

Legal Implications for Business (LM 3732)  3 credits
This course will give a basic explanation of the law--its sources, development, terminology--and a discussion of specific legal doctrines and principles which affect business, with an introduction to business organizations such as corporations and partnerships, criminal contracts, legal documents and property.

Business Ethics (LM 4732)  3 credits
The development, discussion and resolution of ethical issues in organizations and how outcomes are impacted by ethical standards and Christian faith.

Management of Marketing (LM 4731)  3 credits
The use of organizational mission to develop a marketing approach to reach potential constituencies with image, product and service that will cause those constituencies to utilize the organization to meet their perceived needs in a manner that is profitable to the organization.

Case Studies in Leadership (LM 4731)  3 credits
Case studies will be selected for in-depth study of the application of leadership concepts with particular reference to those concepts found in Scripture. Students will develop a written analysis of their style of leadership. Related issues are introduced through readings.

Free Electives

Free Electives (12 credits)
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Biblical Studies (30 credits)

General Education (36 credits)

Christian Ministry (12 credits)

Business Administration and Management (30 credits)

Free Electives (12 credits)

Total 120 credits