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Rates for 2018-2019

Prices subject to change.

On-Campus Traditional Student

Semester Fees Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
Tuition $8,517 $8,517 $17,034
Dorm Room and Board $3,492 $3,492 $6,984
Activity Fee $140 $140 $280
Total (does not include special fees, books, or personal expenses) $12,149 $12,149 $24,298

On-Campus Taking Online Courses

Tuition: Included in Block Semester Tuition

Online Degree Student

Tuition: $390 per credit = $11,700 @ 30 credits/year 

PSEO Students Taking Non-PSEO Online Courses

Tuition: $195/credit

Continuing Education Taking Online Courses (For Credit; Non-Degree Seeking)

Tuition: $180/credit

Continuing Education Taking On-Campus Courses (For Credit; Non-Degree Seeking)

Tuition: $355/credit