Costs and financial aid

As you look over the cost and financial aid information, please call or email us with any questions. We will do our best to make Oak Hills Christian College an affordable option for your family.

savings FOR 2020-2021
  1. Traditional Tuition will remain the same as the last 2 years.  ($710/credit or $8,517/semester for 12-18 credits)
  2. Online tuition will remain at $225/credit.
  3. OHCC Residence Award of $1,000/semester ($2,000/year) will be granted to students currently enrolled at Oak Hills, living in any campus housing.
Rates for 2020-2021
On-Campus Traditional Degree-Seeking Student
Semester Fees Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
Tuition $8,517 $8,517 $17,034
Dorm Room and Board $3,955 $3,955 $7,910
Activity Fee $140 $140 $280
Total (does not include special fees, books, or personal expenses) $12,612 $12,612 $25,224
Online Degree-Seeking Student

Tuition: $225 per credit = $6,750 @ 30 credits/year

Part-time Degree-Seeking Student (for Military and Others)

Tuition: $710/credit

PSEO Student Taking Non-PSEO Courses

OnlineTuition: $195/credit

On-Campus Tuition: $180/credit

Continuing Education Student Taking Online Courses (for credit/non-degree seeking Military and Others)

Tuition: $180/credit

Continuing Education Student Taking On-Campus Courses (for credit/non-degree seeking)

Tuition: $355/credit


On-Campus Tuition:  $85/credit  for non-degree seeking student attending class 

Online Tuition: $180/credit for non-degree seeking student online out of classroom 


scholarships and grants

Students who complete the financial aid application will automatically be considered for the scholarships listed below.

Students On Deck
President's Scholarship1 $4,000/yr ($16,000/4yrs) 3.75+ GPA or 29+ ACT
Dean's Scholarship1 $2,000/yr ($8,000/4yrs) 3.50-3.74 GPA or 26-28 ACT
Scholastic Scholarship1 $1,000/yr ($4,000/4yrs) 3.00-3.49 GPA or 23-25 ACT
Alumni Grant $1,000/yr (1 year only) Designated by OHCC Alumni
Ministry Grant2 $1,000/yr ($4,000/4yrs) Students with parents in full-time ministry
Sibling/Spouse Grant $1,000/yr ($4,000/4yrs) Siblings/Spouses attending OHCC at same time
Oak Hills Grant Amount varies Based upon FAFSA and individual financial need
Out of State Grant $1,500/yr ($6,000/4yrs) Based upon FAFSA and Residency
OHCC Scholarships Amounts vary Determined by essay review committee
Church Match Scholarship Up to $1,000/yr Given by your home church
Discipleship Training School Scholarship $2,400/yr ($9,600/4yrs) Attendance of DTS Program
Gap Year Program Scholarship $1,000/yr ($4,000/4yrs) Program Completion

1Scholarship yearly amount dependent upon maintaining qualifying GPA 
2Grant yearly amount dependent upon parents maintaining full-time

If you wish to be considered for the scholarships listed below, please apply.

Alumni Scholarship: $1000/yr (1 year only) Designated by OHCC Alumni
Church Matching Scholarship: Up to $1,000/yr Given by your home church
OHCC Scholarship: Amounts vary Determined by essay review committee