Student Employment

Student Employment

Scholarship Applications

(Applications submitted by March 31st will be given priority, as these scholarships are limited.)

Alumni Scholarship

AWANA Scholarship

Church Matching Scholarship

OHCC Scholarship

Additional Forms

(These forms are only to be completed upon request of the Financial Aid Office)

2018-2019 Verification Worksheet - Dependent

2018-2019 Verification Worksheet - Independent

2019-2020 Verification Worksheet - Dependent

2019-2020 Verification Worksheet - Independent

Direct Loan Change Request

Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
Entrance Counseling is completed online through

Direct Loan Exit Counseling
Exit Counseling is completed online through

Direct Loan Master Promissory Note
MPN is completed online through

High School Completion Verification

Identity and Purpose Verification

Tax Return Transcript (Student and Parent(s))
Send a copy of the indicated person's IRS tax return transcript to the OHCC Financial Aid Office.
Transcripts can be requested from the IRS at

Financial Aid Office, 1600 Oak Hills Road SW, Bemidji, MN 56601 local: 218-751-8670, ext. 1284, toll-free: 888-751-8670, ext. 1284 fax: 218-751-8825