meet your admissions team

kierlyn ward

Director of Admissions 
(Traditional, PSEO and Continuing Ed.)

(218) 751-8670 or (888) 751-8670 ext. 1220 | [email protected]

Hometown: St. Croix Falls, WI

Alma Mater: Oak Hills Christian College – B.S. Business

Things you are most passionate about: God, people, art (in a completely uneducated way), The Outdoors (yay for kayaks!), My Pet Chickens (search google images “Americana egg”).

Advice you would give new students: Get out there—try something new. Embrace cold night walks. Be aware of God when you’re looking at those stars. Take moments to listen to those around you. Go swing dancing. Respect your professor’s time. Work hard. Sleep hard. But, ultimately, trust that God is so much greater than your day-to-day struggles and IS able to do more than you could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

What you love about OHCC: This community is so close. You get to know everyone on some level, and develop some incredible relationships that last for years, and even a lifetime, after graduating.

Best advice you can give to a student searching colleges: Consider how different places will contribute to your faith-walk. Some colleges will immerse you in teaching, while others have groups to which you can be committed. Not every college is for you. Check out different schools, but trust your gut in the end.

Best kept Oak Hills Christian College secret: Lake Marquette is actually connected to the Mississippi River. You can even take a canoe from campus northward all the way to Bemidji. Or, you can go south, through a windy, thick-bordered river that feels more like the Amazon than a loon haven.

Zach northenscold

admissions counselor
(Traditional and Online)

(218) 751-8670 or (888) 751-8670 ext. 1229 | [email protected]

Hometown: Nisswa, MN

Alma Mater: Grand Canyon University- B.S. in Business

Things you are most passionate about: God, family, friends, anything sporty or outdoor-related. God really shows off how awesome he is when we are in His creation. If you have time to throw a frisbee or desire to break out a kayak, hit me up!

Advice you would give new students: Don’t be nervous to say hello to new people! Most of my closest friendships happened because I wanted to get to know someone, so I walked up and said “hello”. Your college experience will be what you make it – don’t squander this amazing opportunity for community that God has given you!

What you love about OHCC: God’s creation is so beautiful, and OHCC really gets to experience it in full. And on top of that the community that exists and you have a no-lose situation.

Favorite Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Best advice you can give to a student searching colleges: Follow God’s lead! It’s super cliché to say that – but it’s true. God where you know you will be able to grow in your relationship with Christ and where you can grow into the person He has made you to be. For some it may be a state school, for some it may be OHCC, regardless, follow the path God has set you upon and trust Him to do a good work in you.

Best kept Oak Hills Christian College secret: Oak Hills sits on 180-acres of land. That’s 180 reasons to go exploring, hammocking, camping, and tree climbing. The secret is out!