Sit down for a minute and ask yourself the following questions …

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go to a place that will allow you to be who God wants you to be? Do you ever dream about a transformation that allows you to grow in faith while learning more about God’s word?

Have you had a significant life changing experience that has set you on the path that you know God has planned out for you? Do you need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals seeking God’s will in order to continue on your path?

Is it time for you to know why you rely on your faith in God? Is it time for you to dig deeper into a Christian world view that will allow you the opportunity to minister in any vocation or career you choose?

Have you known the love of Jesus your whole life and feel led to follow his plan for your life? Have you recently felt the love of Jesus in your life and want to know more about the Christian walk of faith?

Have you attended a large university and felt lost in the “system”? Have you attended a one or two year school and are wondering what is next? Have you been attending a secular university and feel that you want to get back to the Christian Values that you appreciate?

Do you want to impact the world from a Christian perspective?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it is time for you to come and join us at Oak Hills Christian College!

Oak Hills is committed to providing you with the tools to make your educational and spiritual journey a success. Whether you feel led to full-time ministry or you would like a strong Biblically-based education as you embark on the career of your choice, Oak Hills has options for you.

Some Oak Hills Christian College students stay with us for four years and earn Bachelor degrees in anything from Camp Ministry to Addictions Counseling. Some students come and take a two-year Associate Degree program with the intent to transfer to a larger state university knowing that they are equipped for the world with a Bible-based education as their foundation.

Other Oak Hills Christian College students feel that our online Bachelor degrees are the right option for them. We have students that have full lives and are not able to attend classes on campus. Our online programs are flexible to the point that you can take the classes anywhere that you are and complete a degree from Oak Hills. Continue your faith walk with us today!

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