alumni of the year feature

Ken and Sandy Moore
Alumni of the Year 2019

Tell us about yourself.
A passion for furthering the Kingdom through pastoral ministry, worship, and preaching has been our calling since leaving Oak Hills almost 50 years ago. Serving local churches has, however, expanded to global mission opportunities and a chance to give back to the Kingdom at SonScape Retreats in Colorado. This is a ministry to pastors, missionaries, and their spouses in need of redirection and encouragement, giving them the courage and empowerment to return to their ministries with greater vitality to continue the work to which God has called them.

When not wearing a ministry hat, you will find Ken with camera in hand searching out a hiking trail, finding the perfect camping spot, or hanging out with his best friend—his wife. Sandy finds great enjoyment in connecting with her grandkids, participating in a variety of ways in worship music, or spending time reading.

What brought you to Oak Hills?
Following in the footsteps of our older siblings, we found Oak Hills to be the place where their faith became their own in a grace-filled environment. Ken graduated in 1973 with a two-year Bible Certificate, and Sandy completed a two-year Bible Certification in 1972 and graduated with a Christian Education degree in 1973.

What is the biggest impact Oak Hills had on you and how has God used your time here to prepare you for where you are now?
The foundational impact of Oak Hills launched both of us into a lifetime of ministry that took us around the world with the Gospel.  Through our Global Bridge Mission, we have expanding collaborative connections around the world. Bible story-based discipleship curriculum is utilized to train indigenous pastors and church leaders who are on the front-lines of ministry in oral cultures of unreached people groups. Oak Hills enabled us to deepen our knowledge of the Word, thrive in a growing relationship with God, develop leadership skills, and master confidence through speaking and music.

What is your favorite Oak Hills Memory?
Among highlights is the music deputation team summer trip that initiated our year-long courtship and subsequent marriage. There are numerous friendships that spawned adventures not written about here but are relationships that continue to this day. Most meaningful, however, were the dedicated teachers and staff that with grace, taught and modeled a life of discipleship along with Biblical knowledge.

What advice would you give to our future alumni?
Serving as the interim, preaching pastor at Bemidji Covenant Church led us to have the privilege of several opportunities to share at the school in classroom settings and chapel. God is doing great things at Oak Hills! The faculty and staff are uniquely empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out the work and ministry of higher education that began decades ago. The school’s aim continues to be that of equipping students for effective service wherever God places them. Also, we affirm the highly valued work in the Native American culture; the thriving ministry Camp Oak Hills has to all campers and staff; the work supporting rural churches; and the beautifully designed campus facility, ready to take the college into the next generations. Please pray for Oak Hills! Pray specifically for the provision of students that the legacy left with us will continue for decades to come.