preparing students to live a biblical worldview

Dr. Sue Glidden

Under the wings of our Lord, we find refuge (Psalm 91:4). Our safety and our strength are in His faithfulness. I first learned to live with these truths 35 years ago while serving God in a country torn by civil war.  They are among the principles forming a biblical worldview that has served me well in every subsequent context of my life. In similar fashion, the purpose and the task of the college today is to prepare students to understand and live out a biblical worldview wherever God leads them and in whatever they do.  We are vigilant to employ the best possible means to do this. Sometimes this involves new approaches.

We are learning to become much more ‘interdisciplinary’ and explicit in integrating biblical studies in our Christian ministry and core courses in each major. Every course should build into a biblical worldview and practice. We are defining the progression of our courses from foundational, to exploratory to immersion level knowledge and skills. We are seeking to identify what are the essential courses in a major and which courses can be offered as choices for students. Lastly, we have identified in every major a number of courses that can be taken as ‘emphasis’ options in any other degree.

In every generation, Christians must learn and live out the timeless truths of God. It is our joy as a college to walk alongside our students in their journey, learning and service. Our methods may change, our goal remains the same – to educate Christian students to think and live out a biblical worldview, preparing them to effectively serve Christ in life, relationships, and vocation.