leading through Change


By Barney Wells, Ronald Klassen and Oak Hills President Martin Giese.

Rural areas are experiencing changes. Changes brought by an encroaching city. Changes brought by communication technologies such as the internet and satellite TV. Changes brought by urbanites buying land and making the area their personal retreat. In short, rural areas are experiencing changes that they are not seeking, but must now respond to. This book is about leading through change, whether it be proactive or reactive.


Evangelicals – Fall 2017: The Thriving Rural Church

Evangelicals is a publication of the National Association of Evangelicals, whose mission is to honor God by connecting and representing evangelical Christians.  This issue includes the cover article by Dr. Martin Giese titled “The Thriving Rural Church”.


Effective Disciple-making in a Post Christian World

This material on rural/small town ministry was presented by Kevin Kompelein, President of the EFCA, at the 2018 Grow Conference in Willmar, MN.

Whiteman’s gospel

“Christianity has wonderful answers to questions Indians aren’t asking!” Craig Stephen Smith, a Chippewa, from northern Minnesota, seeks to answer the questions they are asking or ought to ask. His experience has led him to believe that change is desperately needed in both Native and ecclesiastical communities. Smith writes out of his own experience as a Native American growing up in a white man’s world. 

Click Here for more info about Craig & LaDonna’s ministry, especially regarding his new resource ‘Indigenous Faith


Right Color, Wrong culture

In Right Color, Wrong Culture you enter into a conversation between individuals who are grappling with changing neighborhoods while struggling to remain relevant within communities growing in diversity. You journey with Gary and Peter as they challenge those around them to reach beyond what is comfortable and restructure their leadership team.


embracing the new samaria

“What does the Bible tell us about ethnic diversity? How far do we need to travel to fulfill the Great Commission?
Walk out your front door and you’ll find our “new Samaria”—a land of immigrants, refugees, and people of countless cultures and backgrounds longing for us to welcome them and to share the good news.

Dr. Alejandro Mandes has dedicated his life to helping bridge cultural gaps in the church. He shares his vision for the church “to see, love, reach, and ultimately be the new Samaria in a way that brings true transformation to our churches and communities.” A Latino and a native of the US-Mexico borderland, he has traveled around the world to understand cultures, equip thousands of leaders, and befriend influencers within the emerging immigrant…”


Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth

Dr. Thaddeus Williams ( & his twelve co-authors are important voices for helping us pursue the kind of justice that starts with God, champions our oneness in Christ, decares the Gospel, and refuses to compromise truth.