frequently asked questions

 Do I have to live on campus my first year?

Single students under age 21 are expected to live on campus during their freshman and sophomore years unless they have immediate family in the area. 

What appliances should I leave at home?

Microwaves, coffee makers, and hot pots are allowed in the dorm rooms. One mini fridge 4.5 cubic feet or smaller is allowed per dorm room. Toasters, oil popcorn poppers, hot plates, etc. are not allowed.

Can I have a pet?

Pets are not allowed on Oak Hills property. Fish may be kept in an aquarium or fish bowl up to five gallons maximum. Service Animal and Emotional Support animal policy is available from               the Student Life Department.

What can I use for hanging things on the walls?

Decorations and posters in apartments or dorm rooms are to be hung by light colored “sticky tack,” washi tape or push pins. However, large clusters of pin holes are not allowed. Only washi tape is allowed on the doors. All other tapes, 3M hooks, adhesives, staples, screws or nails are not allowed.

Can I have visitors stay with me?

Resident Students may have same gender guests stay overnight at no charge for up to two nights, but must make their request in writing and receive approval from the Head RA or Student            Life staff. After two nights a fee will be charged.

What is security like on campus?

Thompson Hall and Acorn Residences have secured entrances that are accessed with an Oak Hills Key Fob. At night, a contracted security service monitors the campus and is responsible for locking up the buildings.

Does Oak Hills have a dress code?

Both men and women need to wear modest clothing. Minnesota State Law requires shoes and shirts in all buildings except your place of residence. If the staff or Faculty feel that your                         clothing is immodest or inappropriate, you may be requested to change. For a more detailed explanation see the Student Handbook.

Moving into Thompson Hall (Dorms)

Each room has XL twin stackable beds, two desks w/ desk chairs, and two wardrobes. A limited number of lofts are available for a fee on a first come, first served basis. Any other lofts are not allowed.
A small bookshelf usually comes in handy for extra shelf space. Some students bring their own wheeled desk chair.

There is room to hang clothes plus drawers on the bottom. Bring hangers, small storage totes, or other items to help organize your space.

Food stuff:
Coffee makers, hot pots and microwaves are allowed in the dorm room. You may also have one mini fridge that is 4.5 cubic feet or smaller in size per dorm room. Appliances such as toasters, oil popcorn poppers, hot plates, chest freezers, etc. are not to be used in residence hall rooms. Each wing lounge has a shared kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, sink and range. Bring your own cookware and utensils which you must keep in your room.

Bed & Bath:
XL Twin size beds are in each room.
Other items to bring; mattress pad “Memory foam”, sheets, blankets, pillows, bath towels, etc.
Each room has its own bathroom with a sink, vanity, toilet and shower that you are responsible for cleaning on a weekly basis. Bring your own toilet paper, cleaning supplies and plunger.

There is no extra storage available so bring only what you want to keep in your dorm room.

Washing machines and dryers are available in each hall. Bring your own detergent and dryer sheets. Laundry fee allows for unlimited use. No quarters needed.
Bikes, rollerblades, etc. are good to have around for entertainment, free time, group activities, and so on.
Bring a fan, or something else that makes noise, if you need white noise to sleep.
There are limited electrical outlets in rooms. If you have a power strip, bring it.

Tips for after you arrive:
Do not have 8,000,000,000 things plugged in and running at the same time, the city of Bemidji will lose power (not really, just your hall).
When you buy things to put in the shared wing lounge fridge, keep in mind you’re sharing it with about 20 other people. Do not buy 1 gallon jugs of anything…ever. Half gallon at most.
Get to know your roommate. If you don’t get along with your roommate, you will have a very long year.
Walmart and Target are a short 10 minute drive from campus, if you forget something or need to do some last minute shopping.

Each room has internet access (Ethernet) so you can connect your own computer. Each building is equipped with wireless internet as well.

Please remember that whatever you bring with you must be taken home at the end of the school year. No large items(chairs, TV’s etc.) can be stored on campus over the summer.

Things to Bring (And to leave at home) – Acorn


Each apartment is furnished with couches, an end table, coffee table and kitchen table with chairs. The bedrooms are furnished with a bunk bed, two desks, and two chairs.

Closet Space:
Each apartment has one broom closet in the kitchen. The bedrooms have a built in closet system. There should be ample room for you and your roommates ‘belongings.

Each apartment has an open kitchen design with ample cabinetry and counter space. A stove and refrigerator are provided in each apartment. If you want a microwave or coffee pot, you need to bring your own. You also need to provide your own cookware, table settings, and utensils.

Bed & Bath:
The bunk beds in each room are provided with a twin mattress. You need to supply your own bedding of mattress pad, sheets, blankets, and pillows. Each apartment has one bathroom, a plastic shower curtain is provided. If you want to dress it up, those items must be purchased yourself. If you are a light sleeper, a fan or sound machine is strongly suggested.

Phones/ TV’s:
Phones and TV’s are NOT provided in individual apartments, those must be furnished by you. Phone and cable service can be connected inexpensively through local providers, especially if you divide up the bill. There is a television connected to cable for your use in the building’s main lounge. TV’s will not be stored over the summer.

Acorn Apartments are equipped with wireless internet that you may access in your individual apartments.

You will be living in this apartment for the better part of a year so rugs, pictures, lamps, etc. are encouraged.

Remember, you will be living in the same space with other people so be aware of their preferences as well. Just remember that whatever you bring with you must go home with you when you leave for the summer. 3 washers and 3 dryers are available in the building. You need to bring your own detergent, softener, etc. Laundry fee allows for unlimited use. No quarters needed. Remember, you are sharing this apartment with other people so coordination on kitchen, bathroom, and living room items is strongly encouraged. Contacting your roommates to coordinate what to bring could make moving in easier.

Please remember that whatever you bring with you must be taken home at the end of the school year. Summer storage is for small boxes and suitcases. No large items (chairs, TV’s, lamps, desks etc.) can be stored on campus over the summer.