campus security

We are committed to providing a secure and healthy campus environment. The security services at Oak Hills are a joint effort of the Facilities and Student Life Departments. Questions on security may be directed to Brad DeJager, Security Director (Ext. 1240). Personal safety on campus, as well as a secure learning and living environment, are the primary concerns when considering security issues.

There is a sense of security at Oak Hills associated with being out in the country and secluded on a picturesque dead-end highway. The reality is that people from off campus enter our buildings for various reasons and sometimes come on campus expecting to use the outdoor areas. In the past, there have been internal security issues as well.

While on campus be aware of your surroundings as you would anywhere else. Please report any suspicious behavior to Brad DeJager, the Security Director, or to the Security Guard currently on duty. Lock your vehicles at all times.

port-o-wild security services

Security at OHCC includes the use of Port-O-Wild’s Security Services, Inc. of Bemidji. Port-O-Wild’s personnel are authorized to take appropriate action on campus to assure the safety and security of all students, visitors, and staff of the college. They will contact Student Life staff concerning any inappropriate or dangerous behavior.

A Port-O-Wild’s security officer is on campus late each night for two hours and can be contacted in an emergency by calling 218-766-9614. They are also responsible for clearing and locking the main buildings each evening. Students must respect any request the security officer makes regarding security, noise, property, behavior, or leaving a building.

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campus crime statistics

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education requires every U.S. college to record on the government’s website their campus crime and security statistics for the last 3 calendar years. The website address is: A person can search for any college’s data at this site.