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Food Services

The Oak Hills Christian College Food Service provides a quality and affordable food service program to help meet the nutritional and social needs of students, guests, and staff.

ohcc meal plans

The Oak Hills Foodservice provides meals as an a-la-carte, buffet. All items are priced for sale at our food cost, so a $45 meal card can go a lot further than you may think. The difference between the cost of your meal plan and the value of your meal cards covers all of the operating expenses of the food service other than the cost of the food.

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meal plan options for 2023-2024

All dorm students are required to be on meal plan A, B or C.

A – Full meal plan – $2640.00/Semester—Comes with 16 prepaid $45 meal cards, additional cards cost $45 each.

B – 3/4 meal plan – $2110.00/Semester—Comes with 12 prepaid $45 meal cards. If additional cards are needed you may upgrade to the full meal plan.

C – 1/2 meal plan – $1715.00/Semester—Comes with 8 prepaid $45 meal cards, If additional cards are needed you may upgrade to the ¾ or full meal plan.

D – Commuter meal cards – $90.00 + tax for one $45 meal card— Available to non-dorm students. A maximum of 6 commuter cards may be purchased per semester.

Every semester the Food Service Director will assign each dorm student the most appropriate meal plan based on their previous usage. However, each dorm student is free to select meal plan A, B or C as they would like. Students may change their meal plan any time before the end of the 6th week of the semester by notifying Jeff Carpenter or Linda Simonson. After the beginning of semester week 7, meal plan changes are not permitted.

Non-dorm students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but are free to purchase any meal plan option that they wish. Non-dorm students and guests may also purchase individual meals in the cafeteria at $8.38 for breakfast, $9.78 for lunch and $11.18 for dinner (plus MN sales tax).

meal plan refund policy

1. Meal plans are established on a semester-by-semester basis. No cash is given for unused meal cards. At the end of each semester, meal cards that have not been issued will roll over to the next semester, provided that the meal plan owner purchases a full, ¾, or ½ meal plan, or if not a dorm resident, purchases a minimum of 4 commuter cards in the new semester. Unused meal cards are forfeited when a meal plan owner does not purchase a new meal plan in the following semester.

2. For withdrawals before the end of a semester:

a. After 60% of the semester has passed no refunds are given. (9.6 weeks)

b. Before 60% of the semester has passed, or for approved medical, military or family emergencies:

i. Meal cards not issued are refunded to the student’s account at their face value.

ii. 1/16th of the operating expense portion of the meal plan will also be refunded for each week remaining in the semester after the student’s departure.