Non-discrimination and Title IX

Policy on Sexual Harassment, Assault, Unwelcome Conduct on the Basis of Sex

Oak Hills Christian College will not tolerate any physical or verbal threats, intimidation, hazing, assault, or violence against another person on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, disability, age, status with regard to public assistance or other applicable protected class status. Such conduct is grounds for immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal, termination, fines, or arrest.

The ‘Policy on Sexual Harassment, Assault, Unwelcome Conduct on the Basis of Sex’ outlines the philosophy and standards practiced by Oak Hills Christian College in regards to sexual discrimination, harassment, assault and any other unwelcome conduct based on sex.

This policy complies with the federal Department of Education 2020 Final Title IX Rules and is applicable to both students and employees.

To report any incident, contact:

Title IX Coordinator, Dr.Jeff Wisdom, Dean of the College
Office Location: Fellowship Center
Phone: 218-333-9955 or 218-751-8670, Ext. 1261 (Office) or 774-230-0971 (Cell)
Email:[email protected]

Associate Dean of Student Life, Kierlyn Fritz
Office Location: Thompson Residence Hall
Phone: 218-333-1964 or 218-751-8670, Ext. 1242 (Office) or 218-751-0912 (Cell)
Email: [email protected]