Fellowship Ministry Updates

In Christian life and ministry the “Prize” is worth the “Price.” Most steps forward in ministry are “up-hill” in the face of obstacles. God is aware of that. God has ordained it. The result is our growth in strength, faith, and Christian maturity to the end that God is glorified in our lives and that we are prepared to reflect His glory for eternity.

Thank you for partnering with us on the spiritual journey. Your prayer and financial support enable a group of very dedicated people to attempt very difficult ministries with encouragement and perseverance.

Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries
Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries (CIM) is now recognized as a North American leader among Native American and First Nations ministries. CIM staff minister individually in the three Native American Reservations in our geographic region and upon request, in locations throughout North America.

Our resident training facility, Mokahum Training Center, continues to offer two and four year training programs in biblical leadership for Native men and women whom God is preparing to reach their people with the Gospel. Each of these students comes to Mokahum at great sacrifice and often without peer support.

Instructors in the BUILD program (Biblical United Indigenous Leadership Development) travel to Native Reservations and Reserves upon request, expanding the presence of quality Bible training throughout North America. Pray for more invitations from Native Leaders to bring BUILD training to new locations!

Spiritual warfare is to be expected as a result of the conquest of the Gospel in arenas that the Enemy regards as his own. CIM leaders have faced opposition, physical trials and disabilities, lack of resources, and resultant discouragement on their path to perseverance. Native Reservations comprise some of the darkest spiritual arenas on earth. The ministry of CIM is eternally significant and very, very difficult.

Pray for God’s protection. Pray for the resources necessary to carry the work forward. Pray for the CIM staff that God would lift their spirits and help them to see that the prize is worth the price! Thank you in advance for lifting the burden through your prayer and financial support.

Oak Hills Church Ministries
Jim Hodgson and Rick Wienert are the core of our ministry to rural churches and rural church leadership throughout our region and beyond to the upper Midwest and Great Plains. There is a national shortage of pastors. The need for competent, qualified church leaders is even greater among smaller rural churches. Oak Hills Church Ministries provides leadership training, pulpit supply, consultation and intervention for churches navigating challenges or conflict.

In response to the critical need for biblically trained leadership for rural churches, our Church Ministries team and the faculty of Oak Hills Christian College have collaborated to launch a two-year accredited Certificate in Rural Church Leadership and Ministry. Feedback from denominations and prospective students led us to postpone the launch date from July 2019 to January 2020 to allow for two significant changes. We are lowering the per credit cost to make the training available to more students. And we are expanding the access – changing from a single classroom venue at rotating locations to a multi-site, simulcast venue. Classes will be taught by instructors on our Oak Hills campus and simulcast to additional sites.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing Oak Hills Church Ministries is the scope of the need. Unlimited need and limited resources (time, talent, finances) to meet that need. We are asking God for funding for an administrative assistant for Church Ministries, as well as additional missionaries with a heart for rural churches and rural church leaders.

Thank you for your prayer and support of Oak Hills Church Ministries.

Camp Oak Hills
Scott Buchan and his team are in the midst of their most demanding season of the year. Hundreds of children and youth are being impacted by Bible teaching, personal discipling, all kinds of outdoor experiences, and a whole lot of fun at Camp Oak Hills. A few days in this environment has a disproportionate impact on the spiritual lives of campers. For many, their brief time at Camp Oak Hills will result in life-long commitments of faith and service. Camp Oak Hills is similar to other Christian camps in its mission. Camp Oak Hills is unique in its cross-cultural impact—reaching regional children and youth as well as children and youth from the Native American reservations with the love of Christ.

Our vision for Camp is an expanded Kingdom impact —a year-round facility serving children, youth, adults, area churches, and serving as a training location for church leaders. Challenges include raising support for additional staff positions. Also, the task of winterizing cabins continues ($5000.00 completes winterization of a cabin). Thank you for your prayer and support for camp.

Oak Hills Christian College
Oak Hills Christian College is the largest and most complex of the four Oak Hills Fellowship Ministries. The current generation of students come to us from across the United States. We continue to offer a one–year certificate, two and four-year degrees in twelve majors.

Of all the challenges facing OHCC, by far the most critical is enrollment. Several factors have converged to make maintaining and growing enrollment the number one issue facing colleges across America. A lower number of students, a strong reluctance to incur any education debt on the part of this generation of students and their parents, and a drift away from Bible education and toward basic vocational training have had a significant impact on OHCC enrollment.

Our staff is rising to the challenge with several initiatives to incentivize enrollment. We are offering several new forms of student financial aid. We have updated our website. We will be promoting our online courses at a new level. We are introducing a program to match students with work opportunities that will enable them to earn additional money to contribute to their own education costs.

A recent large financial gift has provided funding for some of these changes and is reminder that God is our Source of supply. Pray fervently that God would lead an increasing number of students to consider Oak Hills Christian College. Give generously, as the Lord leads, to ensure that we can provide sufficient financial aid and financial opportunity to make a quality Christian education possible for the next generation.