The AWANA Scholarship will be awarded on a yearly first come first serve basis with a limited budget. This means a student may have earned an AWANA award, but may not receive the AWANA Scholarship.

  • Based on AWANA competition and awards:
    Citation Award: up to $1,600/year (potential of $6,400 for 4 years)
    Meritorious Award: up to $1,200/year (potential of $4,800 for 4 years)
    Timothy Award: up to $800/year (potential of $3,200 for 4 years)
  • Student must have a cumulative 2.0 High School GPA or 2.0 college cumulative GPA for initial award and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA at OHCC.
  • Students are not required to reapply for this every year.
  • Student Action

    Complete the form below and provide proof of award such as a certificate of achievement via mail, email or fax. If this is not possible, please have an official AWANA staff member write a letter stating that the student did receive the award to the Financial Aid office.
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