giving: made fun and easy

Leesa Drury

I love getting to meet the students God leads to Oak Hills Christian College! Each one has such a fascinating story; some are from big families, some from small, some from healthy families, some from hurting and unhealthy families, some abandoned by their family because of their decision to follow Christ, some from homeschool, some from public school. The common thread I hear in each story is the passion to work with helping others in some way. This is what Oak Hills is all about—teaching God’s Word and watching it transform lives and prepare students to go out and be used by God to transform more lives.

God has blessed us with some students, as well as talented, committed faculty and staff at Oak Hills Christian College. There is an excitement on campus this year as students come together to worship, learn, and experience community. Our goal is to make a biblically centered education affordable to every student that desires to come to Oak Hills Christian College in preparation for their life-transforming work.

Each of our students have unique experiences and circumstances that have brought them here. One of our SOTA students (Students Older Than Average) is a veteran who chose to come to OHCC for a degree in Applied Psychology. His passion is to someday help other war veterans as they struggle with addictions, failing marriages, emotional trauma, spiritual questions, physical injuries, and all the other effects that can result from putting themselves “in harm’s way” so that we can enjoy our freedoms. He is a husband and father of 4 , and he is committed to going on for post graduate work so that he can give back to other military veterans like him. Two first year students are here after being rejected by their families because of their choice to follow Christ and pursue a biblically centered college education. The Student Grant Fund is there to help each of these students follow the direction God has given them. 

If you are interested in investing in the future of these students, and others here at OHCC, by contributing to our Student Grant Fund, please consider giving to Oak Hills Christian College on GIVE TO THE MAX DAY. 

Since the trial run in 2009, Give to the Max Day has become an annual tradition and every year thousands of organizations raise money to improve the quality of life in Minnesota and communities around the world. This year you can join in by giving on November 14th. Giving through GTMD allows you to not only contribute financially to the non-profit organization of your choice, but also give that organization the chance to receive additional money for your gifts. Your gift directly helps a student, like the ones mentioned above, afford and realize the accomplishment of that goal. This year we are setting an ambitious goal of $75,000 brought in through this campaign because we want to see even more students able to attend! Join us and Give to the Max!

For more information on how to give online through Give to the Max, go to