Recently, the Intercultural Communications class participated in a cross-cultural journey to the Twin Cities. The purpose of the trip was to expose the students to the ethnic diversity that exists right here in Minnesota. Their trip began at the Mexican Mercado, where they interacted with merchants and sampled some Mexican snacks and drinks. Afterward, the students ate dinner at the Global market, many remarking that they enjoyed seeing so many cultures in one place, all interacting with one another. They concluded by interviewing a Karen couple from Myanmar, at the Karen Church, to learn about their life in Myanmar, and the transition to the United States under church sponsorship.

The following day the students visited the Somali Exhibit at the Minnesota History Museum with a Somali guide who was the first Somali to immigrate to Minnesota in 1990. They learned about Somali culture in their native land, and their experiences living in the United States. Finally, they enjoyed lunch at the Hmong village, visiting merchants and enjoying the hospitality shown them by the Hmong people.