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Blackduck EFC, located 25 miles northeast of Bemidji, MN, is seeking a qualified and experienced individual to fill a part-time interim pastoral position. The church averages 88.5 in attendance. Primary duties involve Sunday preaching, officiating church member weddings/funerals/baptisms, and working with the general church boards to maintain a healthy church as they work toward a permanent church pastor.

1. Maintain a commitment to godliness and integrity as characterized by the qualities outlined in I Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-8; and I Peter 5:2-3. Maintains an active prayer life and vibrant personal relationship with the Lord.
2. Agree to follow and uphold the statement of faith of the Evangelical Free Church of America, including the authority of Scripture and statement on inerrancy.
3. Demonstrate knowledge and skill in biblical exegesis and interpretation through some level of formal education and experience.
4. Demonstrate skill in pastoral ministry through some level of formal education and pastoral experience.
5. Demonstrate discernment and understanding of ministry in a rural church and community.

General Responsibilities
1. Worship, preaching. Prepare and deliver sermons for weekly Sunday worship services and special services as scheduled (eg. Christmas, Good Friday).
Communicate with the worship committee as they plan music. Coordinate with the deacon board as needed on any preferred orders of service.
 Be a clear and articulate speaker, readily understood by the congregation.
 Committed to expositional teaching of scripture, including planning sermon series from OT and NT teachings with application to daily Christian living.
2. Teaching and pastoral presence. Teach, train and encourage lay leaders. Available, in agreement with the deacon board, to be present (occasionally) for or teach youth (Awana, DVBS, SS) and adults.
3. Ordinal function. Officiate as needed for church members/attendees at weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Oversee the Lord’s Supper in worship services.
4. Counseling and visitation. Counsel individually, family, pre-marital, marital or other as the need arises. Develop personal connections through visiting, including the sick (hospital or in home), shut-ins, persons in crisis/need.
5. Administration. Work with the church leaders and staff to insure coordination of planned activities and communication. Weekly contact may be via phone, email,
Zoom as well as in person while at the church.
6. Coordination with Church Board. Participate as an ex-official voting member in monthly committee and board meetings and contribute actively in advising, planning, and implementation of the church programs. Communicate/advise as needed with board leaders as they direct the church and lead the search process for a permanent pastor.
7. Presence. Preferably, establish a minimum of three days/24 hours weekly of physical presence in Blackduck (in addition to Sunday morning worship) to be
available for individual church members and leaders.

Position Parameters (to be negotiated)
1. The interim pastor will subscribe to the Code of Ministerial Ethics formulated by the denomination.
2. The interim pastor will be allowed by the congregation and its leaders the freedom of spirit and freedom to make and live with his decisions; speaking from the pulpit and in committee as he is led to do so by God.
3. The interim pastor will receive a monthly stipend from the church $4,000/month.
4. The interim pastor is accountable to the General Board and will report to/work with the Chairman of the board. As needed the interim pastor and chairman will
communicate, seek guidance, and follow the lead provided by the EFCA regional office.
5. The interim pastor must be able to travel weekly to Blackduck, with any absences agreed upon in advance with the board. Two weeks, including Sundays will be
scheduled as vacation days. He is solely responsible for travel and lodging costs.

To apply for this position, please provide a resume and cover letter to the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Lonnie Wernberg ( with a copy to the
church office ( Position will be open until filled.

To apply for this job email your details to