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Team Leads – 6 positions


Team Leads are the people responsible for growing and nurturing the discipleship program (known as D3) here at Camp, as well as working with those who have graduated from the D3 program (known as Jr. Staff). They must be able to fit into their working roles (maintenance, housekeeping, dining hall, and program) as well as be an outstanding model of servant leadership. Not only must they lead their groups well, but they must be able to teach and be spiritual leaders to those under their supervision.


Description of Roles:


Program Team Lead: provides leadership for the program, D3, and Junior staff.  They will oversee and direct each staff under their authority to help accomplish the program goals for the day.  The Program Lead coordinates with the MC and other game coordinators to set up all large games and events (carnival, volleyball tournaments). They are also the lead for the zipline, laser tag, archery, and BB Gun programs.

Reports to: Staff Supervisors.


Maintenance Team Lead (MT): provides leadership in the areas of maintenance and groundskeeping. Responsibilities include leading a D3 and Jr. Staff team, lawn and grounds care, general fix-up projects, trash and recycling runs, as well as meeting room set-up.

Reports to: Facilities Manager, Staff Supervisors

Housekeeping Team Lead (HK): provides leadership in keeping buildings clean. Responsibilities include leading a D3 and Jr. Staff crew in cleaning buildings, doing laundry, miscellaneous cleaning responsibilities, and operating the Canteen. Canteen operations include: orienting workers in operation, weekly inventory of stock, and maintaining high standards of cleanliness, efficiency, and customer service. Works in canteen on check-in days and closing rally days. Attendance at cash party mandatory on last morning of each camp session.  Reports needs to maintenance lead.

Reports to: Housekeeping Coordinator, Store Manager, Staff Supervisors

Dining Hall Team Lead (DH): provides leadership in the setting up and cleaning up of Dining Hall for every meal. Responsible for leading the kitchen crew in tasks and providing spiritual leadership. Function as a liaison between summer staff and Dining Hall Staff. Coordinate with other Team Leads on serving help. Plan and coordinate snack for Junior Staff Fun Night. Assist weekly with D3 and Junior Staff Check-in.

Reports to: Food Service Director, Staff Supervisors

Female Junior Staff Supervisor (FJSS): provides leadership for the Junior Staff team each week, including leading the Junior Counselor meetings each day, and connecting with each female Jr Staff member one-on-one throughout the week. The Junior Staff Supervisor will also take the lead in planning the Junior Staff overnight with the other Team Leads. The female JSS will provide one-on-ones to female D3’ers who have a male supervisor, as available.

Reports to: Staff Supervisors, Youth Ministries Director


Male Junior Staff Supervisor/D3 Chaplain (MJSS): provides leadership for the Junior Staff team each week, supporting the FJSS in Junior Counselor meetings each day, support in Junior Staff overnight planning, and connecting with each male Jr Staff member one-on-one throughout the week. The MJSS will provide one-on-ones to male D3’ers who have a female supervisor, as available. The MJSS will plan, coordinate, and teach a weekly scheduled chapel specifically for the D3 participants. This chapel will include intentional biblical teaching about service, being a leader as a follower of Christ, and growing in relationship with the Lord, using a variety of methods.


Dates:  TBD, D3 leadership training day

May 24-May 27– Memorial Day Family Camp

May 31-August 16- Summer Camp


Compensation: $250/week


·         Maintain a daily time with God

·         Attend Program and Support meeting every day after breakfast, when available

·         Provide leadership for D3 and Junior Staff

o        Lead daily devotions

§  Area Crew (daily)

·         Small Group study of a passage

·         Encourage personal growth

·         This is more of an exploration as opposed to preaching time

§  Coordinate and take turns with other leads leading daily nighttime D3 devotionals

·         Larger group study

·         Time for the D3’ers to spend together, recap the day, and encourage one


o        Schedule work week

o        Work with other leads to plan a weekly activity for a ‘Fun Night’ with D3’ers

o        Evaluate D3 and Junior Staff on a weekly basis

§  Pick up weekly evaluations for every staff member on the team

§  Turn in one copy to DYFM

o        Meet one on one with each D3 or Junior Staff for mentoring and to provide feedback on service

o        Discipline D3 and Jr Staff when needed

·         Establish and coordinate D3 and Jr Staff Training every Sunday

·         Assist with D3 and Junior Staff Check-in on Sundays as needed

·         Coordinate with Area Directors to oversee and meet operational needs of Camp

·         Super Kids/Adventurers weeks: Lead 1 carnival game as assigned during Staff Training

·         Junior High/Senior High: Lead 1 clinic/seminar per day (FJSS, Program lead, and MJSS only)



LIT Supervisor – 1 position


Description:   The Leaders in Training (LIT) Supervisor’s primary responsibility includes training and supporting the next generation of Junior Counselors (camp) and ministry leaders (life). This person will construct a rigorous program schedule to reach all the goals laid out for the LIT graduates. This position is responsible for maintaining healthy working relationships with all year-round staff of Camp Lebanon as it pertains to training up future summer staff members. This person must lead with a servant’s heart.

Reports to: Staff Supervisors

Dates: May 24-May 27– Memorial Day Family Camp

May 31-August 16- Summer Camp


Compensation: $250/week


·         Maintain a daily time with God

·         Attend Program meeting every day after breakfast

·         Assist with Program Events where scheduled

·         Participate in program rotation where needed

·         Train the next generation of camp staff (see staff training manual)

o        Plan a two-week training schedule, including a mix of classroom and practical experience

o        Cover all content in Staff Manual

o        Construct a two-week devotional outline

·         Evaluate each LIT to see if they are ready for in-cabin experiences

·         Lead Junior Staff check-in

·         Lead 1 Carnival Game during Super Kids week

·         Coordinate with Facilities Manager about special maintenance projects

·         Coordinate with Recreation leaders to see where they will need help with games