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Director of Youth & Family Ministry • Job Description

Lutheran Church – 303 18th St. SE Little Falls, MN 56345

Faith Lutheran Church – Little Falls


As a minimum, the director of youth and family ministry needs to demonstrate the following: ● A personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord as well as a strong desire to serve within the church with beliefs conforming to the LCMC doctrine Statement of Faith; ● A sense of calling to youth ministry;

● Ability to develop a good rapport with youth and young adults;

● Possess good communication skills, verbal and written;

● Possess strong leadership, organizational and motivational skills;

● Possess social media skills desired but not required;

● Competence in basic lay counseling and listening skills appropriate for youth ministry; ● Willingness to work cooperatively with others in planning and leading programs and activities related to youth ministries;

● The ability to protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality. Discretion must be exercised when dealing with the public, youth and their parents, and the church’s leaders and members;

● Church membership, regular attendance and participation in worship and Sunday school at Faith Lutheran is expected;

● Associate or bachelor’s degree with working Christian education and/or youth ministry, or comparable experience desired but not required;

● Satisfactory background check;

● Applicants are requested to provide a resume with three (3) references.

Position Summary:

The Director of Youth and Family Ministry leads a ministry of discipleship to the youth and families of Faith Lutheran and the surrounding area that fosters faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and equips youth to be in ministry to other youth.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Subject to review and adjustment in conjunction with the Pastor and the Youth Ministry Team and the Congregational Council (when appropriate).

1. Planning, conducting, coordinating, evaluating, and selecting and providing resources for the church’s ministry to youth.

2. Build relationships of integrity with youth that become the basis of meeting needs, sharing Christ, and involving youth in the church.

3. Coordinate the 6-12 Grade Youth Group programs, activities and youth trips, ensuring there is an opportunity to develop fellowship, spiritual formation, discipleship and the experience of Christian community.

4. Meet with the Youth Ministry Team to schedule, plan, and carry out all youth ministry activities. This includes delegating appropriate responsibilities to other volunteers to carry out parts of those plans.

5. Provide a timely and accurate schedule of Youth activities. Keep the congregation informed of youth events by coordinating the publicity for youth activities through the appropriate vehicles

provided by the church. (e.g. monthly newsletter, special mailings, posters, bulletin announcements, web page, Facebook page etc.)

6. Provide monthly reports for the Congregational Council and a year-end report for the congregation.

7. Manage the disbursement of budgeted funds for Youth Ministry within the guidelines of the approved budget and in adherence with the purchasing policies of the church.

8. Keep administrative records needed to provide the Youth Ministry Team for future planning. Such records would include: files on fund-raisers, programs, activities, and trips (to include attendance, cost and adult volunteers) and consent forms in addition to maintaining file of contact information for youth members and other regularly participating youth.

9. Encourage young people to participate in all facets of life of the community of faith, including worship, educational opportunities, youth group events, Bible Camp and service projects, etc. 10. Other duties as directed by the Pastor.

Administrative Responsibilities:

1. Attend specially called staff meetings and Church Council meetings as needed or requested. 2. Prepare, submit, and administer a youth budget in annual goals for the church fiscal year in consultation with the Youth Ministry Team and submit to the Church Council.

3. Prepare and submit an annual summary report of the mission, goals, plans and successes in youth ministry.

Staff Relationships:

1. The Director of Youth & Family Ministry is hired by the Church Council and reports to the Youth Ministry Team and the Pastor.

2. The Director of Youth and Family Ministry shall meet with the Pastor and Youth Ministry Team for clarification of the vision for this ministry, strategic planning, and for guidance, prayer and support. 3. The Director of Youth & Family Ministry shall be evaluated annually by the Pastor, with input from the Youth Ministry Team.

4. The Youth Ministry Team will also be available to provide support and hear concerns.


As recommended by the Church Council this is a full-time position paid at 40 hours per week: The position of Director of Youth & Family Ministry requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The actual number of hours worked may vary per week but compensation is set at 80 per two-week pay period.

Terms of Continuing Employment:

This position of employment is “at will”, as such it may be ended by either party, at any time, for any reason or for no stated reason.

There will be a 3-month probationary period beginning with the first day of employment. The probationary period does not change the at-will employment relationship stated above.

Continuing employment is subject to satisfactory job performance as determined by the Pastor and Youth Ministry Team.

Resumes or questions can be emailed to Phone 641-954-2753