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We are looking to hire a pastor who has recently finished his seminary or Bible degree or perhaps has a year or two to finish, and could do most of it on-line. Our interim pastor will be available to be a mentor/teacher and work alongside our new pastor. His name is Dave Melin and he is retired from Rush City Baptist, and has been an adjunct professor at Northwestern Bible college and Central Seminary. He currently goes to Mexico and Ukraine each, twice a year to teach Bible classes.

Hillman Baptist Church was established in the late 1920’s. We are a “country” church, about 15 minutes north of Mora, MN…and about 1hr and 15min north of the Twin Cities metro area. We were established as a BGC (Converge) church, but function independently and have very little contact with Converge. We have a Deacon/Deaconess board, which includes 3 deacons…3 deaconesses…church chairman and pastor. These folks make up the “spiritual” leadership of the church. Our current church Board would like to move towards having Elders. We have a pianist, organist and worship leader. Typically we sing 2 or 3 hymns and about the same number of more contemporary “worship” songs. Our pew Bibles are NIV, but our current interim pastor uses ESV. Currently we only have Sunday morning worship…10:30 to 11:30 and Youth Group beginning on Wednesday evenings. During the school year, we also have Sunday School at 9:30…and AWANA on Wednesdays evenings. We are very “mission” minded, including support to a “sister” church in Mexico and also one in Ukraine. We have sent multiple teams to both countries. We have about 50 members, and 80-90 regular attenders, including several who spend winters down south. The majority of our congregation are conservative in theology, close to “traditional” Reformed or Baptist beliefs, but not in the “fundamental, KJV only” camp.

Starting salary would be between $25,000 and $40,000 depending on education and experience in ministry. $5000 additional per year for insurance or retirement. 15 vacation days (with incremental increase each year) with up to 3 Sundays that could be included. 2 days off per week, of pastors choosing. A 3 month sabbatical every 7 years. $500/year for conferences, $300/year for ministry books/ supplies. Use of the parsonage with Gas/Electric/Garbage/Wi-Fi included.

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