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Lakewood Church (LEFC) is seeking its next Children’s Ministries Director to disciple families as they disciple their children to faithfully follow Jesus Christ.


REPORTS TO:              Students and Family Pastor

EXEMPT STATUS:        Full-time, Hourly, Non-Exempt.


The Children’s Ministries Director is responsible to serve the flock of Lakewood as they seek to reproduce faithful followers of Christ. They will plan and execute the Children’s Ministries in Lakewood church. This primarily will be through the leadership and discipleship of parents and volunteers who serve our children. They will lead and serve in a way that supports, upholds, and communicates our core values, mission, and vision.

Major Areas of Responsibility: 

1.     Discipleship

Commit to:

a.     Regular study and prayer in God’s Word.

b.     Prayerful teaching and leading from God’s Word.

c.      Godly modeling of Christian living and a love for Christ.

d.     Discipling and equipping leaders to serve alongside the ministry.

e.     Discipling and equipping parents to serve their children faithfully.

f.       Caring (spiritually and physically) for self and family.

g.     Furthering staff and individual growth.

2.     Administration

a.     Coordinate and oversee ministry for newborn through Grade 5 on
Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as any summer programming
special events.

b.   Collaborate with LSM ministries in vision for all children.

c.   Partner with our pastoral staff in resourcing effective curriculum.

d.   Oversee the necessities of security training and policy.

e.   Manage the financial budget of Children’s Ministries.

f.    Joyfully recruit and staff positions of need in Nursery and
Children’s wing.

g.   Work in partnership with the Students and Family Pastor

h.   Willingly be a generalist and help the team where needed
i.    Communicate well both verbally and in writing.

General Expectations: 

1.     Cling to Christ in a genuine relationship with Him as a Faithful Follower

2.     Present a clear and credible profession of faith that is lived out

3.     Be a humble servant with a teachable heart and a God centered view in
life and ministry.

4.     If married, be a faithful & supportive spouse. If a parent, be faithful and

5.     Committed to true discipleship and friendship in the congregation.

6.     Be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and the necessity of prayer.

7.     Demonstrate competence and joy in faithfully teaching & leading.

8.     Agree with and heartily endorses the EFCA statement of faith.


1.     They will be accountable to the Students and Family Pastor.

2.   They will be a teammate and partner to Lakewood Staff

3.     They will be accountable to the Congregation under the Elders as a member.

They will attend EFCA opportunities for enrichment.


For questions, or to apply for the position, please email with a resume and cover letter.

To apply for this job email your details to