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Position Title: Safe Harbor Regional Navigator

Position Type: 40 hours per week


Reports to: County Supervisor


Primary Office Location: Beltrami, MN (additional Remote offices locations Park Rapids, Grand Rapids, Bagley, Walker)


Service Area:  North Central Region – (6 Counties) Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, Hubbard, Itasca, Koochiching,


Travel: This position will travel approximately 70-75% of the time during peak times.


Summary:  Minnesota is a national leader in its work to legislatively mandate programs and services for sexually exploited youth under the age of 18.  The Safe Harbor legislation was passed in 2011 and resulted in the development of the No Wrong Door model, a multi-disciplinary statewide approach to identifying and serving victims and training law enforcement, child protection, social workers, and others who encounter victims of sexual exploitation.  As part of the state’s effort to implement Safe Harbor, the MN Department of Health is administering grants throughout the state to fund regional navigators to serve as experts in sexual exploitation within their region of the state.  Support Within Reach’s navigator will serve as the main point of contact for referrals of sexually exploited youth in the region and will also work with the Statewide Safe Harbor Director to develop protocols, train professionals and community members on the issue, and develop a system of coordinated care in the region.  Responsible for implementing the Safe Harbor Law/No Wrong Door Model in in the identified region listed above by improving community capacity to identify sexually exploited youth (age 18 and younger), increasing effective services and outcomes for sexually exploited youth, and enhancing coordination between systems of care for sexually exploited youth.


Ethical & Professional Behavior

Represent Support Within Reach’s mission and values with those you interact in your professional role.
Maintain a respectful, non-judgmental demeanor towards employees, clients, and community members.
Dress in a professionally appropriate manner while conducting any and all business during scheduled work hours.
Be aware of and maintain appropriate agency confidentiality.
Provide compassionate and empathetic services while maintaining clear professional relationship boundaries.
Comply with mandatory reporting and client confidentiality criteria as defined by law for sexual violence advocates.
Participate in goal setting for the agency and exhibit open communication and teamwork with other staff members.
Take crisis line/back-up responsibilities on a rotating basis – generally 4-6 days per month.
Attend all relevant staff meetings, case consultations, strategic planning sessions, and participate in group decision-making process. Attend board meetings and other meetings as requested.
Maintain accurate written and electronic records of client contacts and presentation forms, and complete necessary paperwork in a timely manner.
Share in & support other staff in general office duties as needed, such as answering phones, filing, photocopying, clean-up, etc.
Participate in projects and special assignments as approved by Executive Director.
Specific Program Oversight

Sexually Exploited Youth Programming
Grant Reporting/Writing
Training Support Within Reach staff regarding sexually exploited youth, protocols, practices, etc.


Direct Services

Conduct screening and needs assessment for youth victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking in cooperation with systems professions and advocates.
Provide initial case management, including safety plans, in collaboration with advocates and systems professionals and provide referrals for ongoing case management.
Develop trauma-centered service plans for youth victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking.
Provide ongoing case management, coordinating services, providing support to youth and connecting youth with local services when possible.Document services and client progress to evaluate effectiveness of services in required reporting tools in a timely manner (Cap60, Redcap or other relevant reporting tool)
Provide ongoing case consultation for service area and coordinate flow of information to all counties.
Provide referrals as necessary for housing, transportation, culturally relevant services, etc.
Outreach & Education

Research, locate, and connect with organizations (service providers, faith-based groups, etc.) and agencies (law enforcement, county government, county attorneys, etc.) to educate and coordinate systems of care for sexually exploited youth
Build, coordinate, and facilitate workgroups/taskforces/coalitions within counties to build their capacity to work with sexually exploited youth
Identify needs of each county and develop an “Inventory of Existing Needs” specific to each region and follow up no less then monthly within each assigned County within the Northwestern Region.
Serve as regional expert/resource to professional who need information on how to work with sexually exploited youth.
Work with key stakeholders and systems professionals to help identify youth who have been or are at risk of sexual exploitation/trafficking.
Work with key stakeholders and systems professionals to develop a coordinated referral process for youth who have been sexually exploited.
Provide information to community members and the general public about the commercial sexual exploitation of youth and how to prevent it.
Ensure training for regional stakeholders/systems professionals on the signs of trafficking and how to refer youth for services.
Provide or ensure provision of effective outreach and education throughout the region.
Engage public and stakeholders in primary prevention efforts.
Participate in quarterly Minnesota Human Trafficking Taskforce meetings and other meetings assigned.
Any other duties assigned and deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the agency.
Protocol Development & Evaluation

Participate in monthly conference calls with Safe Harbor Director.
Complete timely monthly reports.
Participate in data collection and the evaluation of the No Wrong Door project as prescribed by Minnesota Department of Health.
Provide input in the development of Safe Harbor/No Wrong Door protocols and procedures.
Maintain record of referrals, numbers served, service providers trained, and measurable outcomes of the program.
Document finding and develop a final report for the project.
Professional Development

Stay informed about any policy/legislative changes that is related to or may affect the Safe Harbor Law.
Continuing education – maintain a minimum of 20 hours per year. Up to 5 hours per year can be by personal education (videos, books, and consultations).
Participate in monthly staff in-services – annual training update and special topics as relevant or per request.



Prefer B.A. in psychology, human services, criminal justice or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience totaling 4 years may be substituted. Minimum required A.A. in psychology, human services, criminal justice or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience totaling 2 years may be substituted.
Must demonstrate competency in the completion of the above noted job responsibilities.
Comprehensive knowledge base and be comfortable in working with issues related to sexual violence on an individual and community level.
A philosophy of non-violence and non-discrimination. The ability to deal with people of different economic and cultural backgrounds; respect for and sensitivity to the needs and rights of others, including those with differing cultural, racial, religious, age, ability, and affectional differences between people.
The ability to follow strict guidelines to maintaining client confidentiality.
Strong advocacy skills, including:The ability to identify client’s strengths and needs.
The ability to connect client to appropriate community resources.
The ability to respond to women and children in crisis with appropriate interpersonal communication and intervention skills.
Knowledge of and skills with legal &medical advocacy.
Being assertive, while maintaining ethical & professional behavior when advocating for victims’ rights.
The ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
Economical and careful with property, resources, supplies and use of time.
Ability to react calmly and efficiently to new or stressful situations.
Demonstrates understanding and support of management by communicating information to management, demonstrates support of management to staff, clients and the community.
Public speaking and group facilitation skills.
Successfully pass background check.
The ability to work effectively with the staff, volunteers, board, community agencies, and media, utilizing teamwork where appropriate.
The ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to seek supervision as needed, and to work as a team member.
Good organizational skills amidst stressful situations.
The ability to work flexible hours when necessary and be able to be on-call as needed for the position.
Must possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license and own working vehicle at all times. Must have and maintain a clean driving record.
Proficient computer skills, especially in word processing and spreadsheets.
Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and dedication to the mission of SWR.
Ability to follow direction and seek out guidance and resources as needed to fulfil directed responsibilities.
Support Within Reach is an equal opportunity employer. SWR does not practice nor tolerate discrimination in the workplace, regardless of a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. This policy shall apply to all applicants and employees and to all phases of full-time, part-time and temporary employment.




This position is open till filled.  Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

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