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Position Title: Outreach Coordinator:

(Prevention Education/Awareness & Volunteer Coordination)


Hours Per Week: 40


The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for planning, developing, managing, and facilitating the agency’s primary prevention education, community awareness, and volunteer training programs. This position also provides support and advocacy services to survivors of sexual violence.  This is a full-time, non-exempt position that is housed out of our Grand Rapids office.  It requires rotating on-call responsibilities with other staff in Aitkin and Itasca County (approximately 5-8 days per month).


Reports to: County Supervisor


Office Location:  Primary workspace is located in Grand Rapids, MN. However, the Outreach Coordinator travels often to locations within the service area.


Areas of Responsibility:


1. Ethical & Professional Behavior

Represent agency’s mission and values.
Maintain a respectful, non-judgmental demeanor towards clients and community members utilizing a framework of trauma informed and survivor centered approach.
Maintain client confidentiality when sharing of information is required by obtaining and continually monitoring appropriate signed releases for each case.
Provide compassionate and empathetic services while maintaining clear, professional relationship boundaries.
Comply with mandatory reporting and client confidentiality criteria as defined by law.
Participate in goal setting for the agency and exhibit open communication and teamwork with other staff members.
Attend all relevant staff meetings, administrative meetings, case consultations, strategic planning sessions, and participate in group decision-making process. Attend board meetings and other meetings as requested.
Maintain accurate records of client contacts, services provided, and presentation forms, and complete necessary paperwork in a timely manner.
Share in & support other staff in general office duties as needed, such as answering phones, filing, photocopying, clean-up, etc.
Participate in projects and special assignments as approved by Executive Director/Supervisor.
2. Primary Responsibility

Maintain an active case load of approximately 10-15 clients at a time.
Work with clients by phone, email, and in face-to-face meetings both one-on-one and in groups.
Provide crisis intervention and direct services to primary and secondary victims/survivors of sexual violence, including support, information, referrals, systems advocacy, arranging transportation, and emergency services as needed.
Provide information to clients as needed on various topics such as: safety planning/risk assessment, dynamics of sexual violence, and common reactions to sexual violence, use of technology involved to sometimes carry out sexual violence, sexual exploitation, the impact of violence on children, crime victims’ rights, reparations, and other issues as identified by the client.
Provide criminal court/legal advocacy services, including assistance with filing of OFP/HRO’s, attending court hearings with clients, and supporting clients during law enforcement interviews.
Assist in coordinating sexual violence client services with staff advocates and volunteers, including the coordination of schedules and staff crisis line coverage to ensure client access to services.
Inform Executive Director of programming issues, trends, needs, and concerns related to agency’s overall functioning in the county.
Ensure that statistics/reports are maintained and completed in a timely manner for monthly board meetings; quarterly, mid-year, and annual reports for grant writing.
Schedule monthly program meetings (or more often if needed) with direct supervisor about client concerns, workload management, professional development, and your programs development.
Continuing education – maintain a minimum of 10 hours per year. Up to 5 hours per year can be by personal education (videos, books, and consultations).
Assist in providing 24-hour response to survivors at law enforcement centers, hospitals, and other locations after hours. Shared responsibility with other direct service staff each month within Aitkin and Itasca County service area.
Coordinate with staff to ensure agency participation in special events, such as county/health fairs, Annual Fiesta Fundraiser, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, National Night Out, Community Connect, Crime Victim Rights Week, etc.
Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director/District Supervisor.
3. Advocacy, Outreach, and Organization Representation

Build and maintain collaborative relationships with community partners and area agencies (this includes but is not limited to law enforcement agencies, medical providers, tribal programs/organizations, prosecutors, probation, court administration, other victim service professionals, schools, etc.
Coordinate and/or assist with adult community education and professional training, including distributing posters, brochures, cards, and other publicity as needed. Assist with volunteer training as needed.
Network with community agencies to inform them of services and to encourage referrals.
Complete speaking engagements and assist with the process of evaluating the agencies educational series.
Attend statewide networking meetings as appropriate.


4. Volunteer Advocacy/Intern Program Component Details (10-15 hours per week)

Develop district wide awareness plan for volunteer program, brochures, posters, public service announcements, etc.
Develop, update, and provide the state mandated sexual violence training to all new staff and volunteers in the Aitkin & Itasca County service area.
Assure the volunteer training meets the 40-hour sexual assault advocacy training requirements as mandated by MN state statute.
Develop and update MINI Manual.
Uphold compliance with SWR Volunteer Policies.
Carry out Aitkin & Itasca County volunteer trainings – schedule other staff for appropriate parts of the training, set up special speakers, set up training location, acquire snacks and training materials.
Assist set up of volunteer trainings in Aitkin County.
Coordinate with Aitkin County Coordinator to ensure sharing of information related to volunteers who reside in those counties, etc. Maintain master file in Itasca County (locked cabinet).
Maintain list of possible volunteers for future trainings.
Maintain monthly volunteer/intern statistics in Excel Sheet. Have monthly reconciliation and reports to Executive Director no later than the 2nd Monday of each month.
Hold a monthly volunteer meeting for ongoing training of volunteers.
Ensure volunteers fill out appropriate forms – Volunteer Application, Background Check, Screening Form, and Code of Ethics, Confidentiality Form – maintain originals in master file.

Maintain staff/volunteer professional development log.
Maintain all information related to monitoring volunteers, including Staff/Volunteer interaction, volunteer hours, and volunteer meeting/trainings.
Coordinate with the Executive Director in dealing with volunteer issues and resignations.
Coordinate efforts with Bemidji Office Volunteer Coordinator, as needed.


5. Prevention Education & Awareness (10-15 hours per week)

Coordinate and develop organization awareness into the community. This plan will include a combination of monthly public service announcements, radio interviews, television interviews, brochure/poster campaigns, social media, etc.
Coordinate and develop community-based primary prevention programming targeted at the prevention of sexual violence.
Develop and maintain partnerships with key community stakeholders who assist with implementation of the Prevention Education & Awareness Program.
Using evidenced-based practices, provide strategic direction to the program’s prevention focus.
Design, implement and conduct ongoing process and outcome evaluation for prevention strategies and projects implemented. Maintain a continuous quality improvement plan, evaluation plan, and sustainability plan.
Prepare and deliver community education programs to the general public, youth, professionals, and volunteers.
Lead and coordinate sexual assault awareness month activities in April for the Itasca County service area.
Coordinate agency participation at all community events.
Collaborate with other SWR staff to infuse primary prevention messaging into community education and outreach efforts.
Share prevention news and prevention-related information with volunteers, staff, board members and donors.


6. Minnesota North College-Itasca Campus Coordination (approximately 5-8 hours per week)

Coordinate overall efforts of the college SWR office:Carry out at least one student-led prevention education event or campaign on campus with assistance from students.
Provide office coverage with assistance of student volunteers who have completed the Sexual Violence 40-hour advocate training.
Provide presentations regarding SWR programming and sexual violence to classes and campus organizations.
Focus on creating a victim-centered and trauma informed SWR office space on campus.
Coordinate communication between SWR staff and faculty regarding paid presentations and free classroom lectures.
Set monthly/yearly meetings with college leadership and Psychology Department staff to review past years work and goals for the next year.
Recruit and supervise all college volunteers, interns and student leaders who are involved in campus-based prevention education events and activities.
Create a yearly report of campus activities and submit to college leadership once approved by Supervisor and Executive Director.

Prefer B.A. in psychology, human services, criminal justice or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience totaling 4 years may be substituted. Minimum required A.A. in psychology, human services, criminal justice or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience totaling 2 years may be substituted.
Must demonstrate competency in the completion of the above noted job responsibilities.
Comprehensive knowledge base and be comfortable in working with issues related to sexual violence on an individual and community level.
A philosophy of non-violence and non-discrimination. The ability to deal with people of different economic and cultural backgrounds; respect for and sensitivity to the needs and rights of others, including those with differing cultural, racial, religious, age, ability, and affectional differences between people.
The ability to follow strict guidelines to maintaining client confidentiality.
Strong advocacy skills, including:
The ability to identify client’s strengths and needs;
The ability to connect client to appropriate community resources;
The ability to respond to women, children, and men in crisis with appropriate interpersonal communication and intervention skills;
Knowledge of and skills with legal & medical advocacy.
Being assertive, while maintaining ethical & professional behavior when advocating for victims’ rights.
The ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
The ability to remain economical and careful with property, resources, supplies and use of time.
The ability to react calmly and efficiently to new or stressful situations.
Demonstrate understanding and support of management by communicating information to management, demonstrates support of management to staff, clients and the community.
Public speaking and group facilitation skills.
Successfully pass background check.
The ability to work effectively with the staff, volunteers, board, community agencies, and media, utilizing teamwork where appropriate.
The ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to seek supervision as needed, and to work as a team member.
Good organizational skills amidst stressful situations.
The ability to work flexible hours when necessary and be able to be on-call as needed for the position.
Must possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license and own working vehicle. Must have and maintain a clean driving record.
Proficient computer skills, especially in word processing and spreadsheets.
Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and dedication to the mission of SWR.

This position is open till filled.  Applications will be reviewed as they are received.


Work Environment: Office setting with some travel required. Casual attire. Some clients may be easily triggered during conversation and may have occasional verbal outbursts.


Support Within Reach is an equal opportunity employer. SWR does not practice nor tolerate discrimination in the workplace, regardless of a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability or genetic information. This policy shall apply to all applicants and employees and to all phases of full-time, part-time and temporary employment.

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