Launch of Rural Ministry Certificate Program

Oak Hills is very excited to announce our new Certificate Program in Rural Leadership and Ministry.

This certificate program is designed to provide foundational preparation and in-ministry training and mentorship to current lay and church leaders who will provide pastoral leadership in rural town and country churches. Too often we expect our pastors to attend some of the most expensive private schools in America in order to qualify for some of the lowest paying jobs serving churches in rural America. This is unsustainable and unacceptable. Most rural/town and country churches are unable to afford a seminary graduate with student debt.

Many denominations are uncertain how to assist their smaller, rural churches in finding pastoral leadership. In cooperation with evangelical mission agencies and denominational leaders, we believe that Oak Hills Christian College is in a position to service this need. It is a non-traditional academic degree approach to training—specifically designed for the older-than-average and/or second-career individual interested in rural ministry. Classes will be held Friday nights and Saturdays approximately three times over a two month period at various host sites throughout central MN. Semesters run from July through December, and January through June, with each semester divided into three two-month segments. This academic program includes training, mentoring, and an internship.

Further information can be found on our Church Ministries website (

Target Student Profile
Non-traditional age (over 25)  
Mid-career or late-career ‘finishers’ who are prepared for a new phase in rural ministry
Current lay leaders in the Church
Possible prior college experience (and possible degree) along with life experience
Students with an ability to read, write, and reason at a college level
Students with a desire to obtain the education needed to get on with a ministry, not necessarily a formal degree
Men and women identified by their church or denominational leaders who feel a desire to serve in rural ministry settings