letter from the president

Dear Friends,

The prophet Isaiah lived in very difficult times in the history of his nation. Israel was in a state of deep moral decline. He was a family man who felt the weight of the question “What does the future hold for my children and grandchildren?” Isaiah understood the feeling of uncertainty that has come to characterize our time. What kept Him going?  How did he overcome his fear and speak a clear word of hope to his generation?

Isaiah had an unshakeable trust in the Word of God and the God of the Word. He understood that our God is not limited by the difficulties or even the impossibilities of men and nations. Nor is He limited by precedent and commonly accepted procedure. Rather, God is a God who, in the face of seeming impossibilities is able to do a new thing. He can and does provide “a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

In the four ministries of the Oak Hills Fellowship we are eyewitnesses to God doing a new thing in the face of difficult, even impossible challenges. As you will read in the pages to follow…

Camp Oak Hills just experienced its best year of ministry in recent memory. God is taking Camp Oak Hills to a new level of impact and effectiveness.

Oak Hills Christian College is initiating sweeping changes. In the face of unprecedented national declines in student enrollment we are engaging in new, more focused, and more financially supportive ways to invite the next generation of leaders to consider attending Oak Hills Christian College.

Oak Hills Church Ministries is closing in on the launch of a new approach to meeting the urgent need for trained Christian leaders for rural churches. The Certificate Program in Rural Leadership and Ministry is the first (and only) undergraduate program of its kind in the nation.

Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries is witnessing the removal of historic barriers to the evangelism and discipleship of Native American people. We’ve added staff, expanded programming, and are preparing for an unprecedented movement of the Spirit of God in the hearts of the First Nations people He loves. 

Massive changes are occurring in the world around us and within the ministries entrusted to us. We invite you to join us! Your prayer support and your financial contributions have never been more needed. We thank you in advance for standing with us as God continues to do a new thing – making the impossible possible by His power!

Dr. Martin Giese
President OHF, Oak Hills Christian College