Lunch money

It is worthy of notice that the account of Jesus miraculously feeding the five thousand is recorded in all four Gospels. It teaches us an important lesson about the ability of Jesus to provide for many with the offering of a small amount.

When I reread the accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John I am drawn to some parallels to our situation today at Oak Hills Christian College and Fellowship. Like Philip, we are faced with the dilemma of fulfilling Christ’s commission to “feed” those coming to Him in their desire to know Him deeper with what we see as “inadequate” resources. I am always encouraged and challenged by Andrew and the boy with the lunch to realize that God doesn’t require, or expect, us to provide everything that is needed to feed all that come, He just asks us to trust Him with what we give Him.

As we begin the 2019-2020 school year, I challenge you to consider giving your “lunch” to God and trust Him to bless it to help with the costs of providing a place where biblical discipleship, education and service are taught and encouraged in preparing people to reach the world for God. As you evaluate your lunch patterns, consider setting up a system of giving online each month the amount you would spend for one meal each week—your “lunch money”. 

I’m sure the boy didn’t see how his small lunch would be of any help in meeting the great need, but when Christ blessed the amount, there was more than enough. As you give, pray for God to bless the amount and know that He can do some amazing things with the offerings of those who trust Him. Each of us has different amounts to spend on our meals each day, so ask God to show you how much “lunch money” to give to Him. Like Philip, many of us think we must be able to meet the whole need or we aren’t able to do anything.

Don’t overlook what you do have to offer. Faithful giving over time can have amazing results. In addition, we pledge to you that we will not waste what God provides—just like Jesus in the account did not waste any of what His Heavenly Father provided. And one last reminder, the boy who gave his lunch had more than enough to eat, like everyone else that benefited from his gift.

To set up a regular monthly giving plan, check out or call Stacy at 218-333-1955. You can choose the ministry or the fund.