Mokahum Back to The Beginning

How many of us wish we could travel back in time to behold the unfolding of the story of the Bible? Of course, we would prefer a safe distance from so many of the major events that have shaped redemptive history. But what if you could get a risk-free guided tour through Noah’s Ark? That is exactly what happened this past February for the Mokahum students.

This year we took the long drive to Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Being the off-season, there were no crowds or lines to hinder us from enjoying our experience to the fullest. There was so much to take in and ponder. Providentially the trip landed on the schedule the week before the Genesis class at MMC. What better way to prepare for a class! We had a great time together, learning about our great God and making new memories. As some of us hoped, it rained the day we went to the Ark Encounter. It was a good break from the blizzard conditions we left behind, if only for a few days. But as expected, the snow was waiting for us when we got back.