new beginnings

Meet Jodi, Czarina, and John – Class of 2019. They represent a new chapter in the history of the Mokahum Ministry Center. They are not the first to receive the Discipleship Certificate since it was increased to a two-year program in 2017, but they will be the first to advance to the new additional two-year Leadership program.

Although Christian leadership development is often equated with pastoral training, Mokahum recognizes the broader need for leaders serving in other capacities in ministry. There are countless and diverse things to be done by well-trained disciples. Our graduates are eager to find their unique calling in the kingdom.

Together they have served on the front lines of kingdom advancement in Native American/First Nations communities. Together they have grown in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as they lived, studied, and served together in community at Mokahum. They look forward to building on their first two years of discipleship training to discover more about the God who made them and how best to use their gifts for His service.

Jodi Williams (Oneida, Stockbridge Mohican) came to us upon referral from Ron Hutchcraft’s ministry On Eagles Wings (OEW). Her desire to see Native people come to faith is unrelenting. Her own personal faith and belief that God can do immeasurably more than we could ever think or ask is evident and contagious. Pray for her as she embarks on her third summer tour with OEW visiting various Native communities offering the good news of Jesus Christ.

Czarina Crow (Ojibwe) came to us from Thunder Bay, Canada. She was Mokahum’s first student RA for the girl’s house this past year. Her leadership training came early. Like so many young Native ladies, she was delivered from a life of hopelessness and pain by the power of the gospel of Christ. Although many challenges remain, the Lord chose to lift her from despair and use her as an instrument of hope for so many others suffering under the bondage of brokenness and sin. Pray for Czarina this summer as she embarks on her second tour with OEW.

John Pearson (Ojibwe) hails from Grand Marais, MN. Not knowing what to expect at Mokahum, he agreed to come based on the recommendation and persistence of a good friend, Czarina Crow (Yeah, that one). John is a born leader. Last year he served as the first student RA for the men’s house, as well as serving on the grounds and facilities. He has a dream of re-opening his grandfather’s old camp on his reserve with the hopes that the Lord would use it for the Kingdom. Pray that John’s dream would come to fruition as he waits on the Lord’s leading.